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Webfleet SolutionsWebfleet SolutionsWebfleet SolutionsWebfleet SolutionsWebfleet SolutionsWebfleet Solutions

Enrich your offering by partnering with Europe’s most innovative and market-leading fleet management solution provider.

Become a Webfleet Solutions integration partner and help your business

Thrive in a fast-growing market

Capitalise on the booming demand for fleet management techno­logies

Differ­en­tiate your proposition

Create and deliver a full end-to-end solution using real-time data from the field, tailored specifically to your customers’ needs

Leverage the Webfleet Solutions brand

Build a reputation as an authorized partner of a world-leading fleet management provider and help boost your own customer loyalty

Expand your horizons

Open up new markets with our innovative and market­ing-leading product portfolio

Market your applic­a­tions globally

Showcase your solutions in the App Center and reach customers all over the world

Be a driving force in fleet management

As a Webfleet Solutions systems integrator partner, we’ll be working together to continue to revolu­tionise fleet management, creating connected vehicles with break­through innovations.

You’ll be able to enhance the value of your solutions and services with telematics capab­il­ities, opening up your own market to other customers as well and enriching your product.

As a systems integrator you’ll benefit specifically from:

Fully open integration with Webfleet Solutions industry-leading fleet management platform and the other world-class Webfleet Solutions techno­logies.

Development support to help you easily integrate your business solutions, hardware and mobile apps with our APIs and SDKs.

Commercial advantages of partnering with the leading fleet management brand, including marketing, PR and the Webfleet Solutions’ App Centre – a global, fleet manage­ment-fo­cused marketplace for your applic­a­tions.

Why choose to work with Webfleet Solutions

Webfleet Solutions

Why choose to work with Webfleet Solutions

Webfleet Solutions is one of the world’s leading telematics solution providers with hundreds of thousands of subscrip­tions worldwide. We service businesses in more than 60 countries, providing our customers with the industry’s strongest local support network and widest range of sector-spe­cific third-party applic­a­tions and integ­ra­tions. We support all types of fleets and vehicles – cars, vans and trucks – and offer a range of products that is unmatched in the industry.

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