TomTom wins “Innovation in Fleet Technology 2007” – Award

Birmingham 14th Dec 2006 – Growth is a word most closely associated with transport today and projected figures forecast a 24 percent increase in passenger traffic demand over the next while – with the demand for the transport of goods within the European Union alone expected to increase by 38% before the year 2013. To deal with the need for the efficient and effect movement of people and goods vehicles, we are looking more and more to intelligently linked traffic systems.

To some extent the automobile manufacturers meet these challenges with technological innovations and joint actions. These include the internal use of information technology, increased co-operation with suppliers, as well as providing new telematics solutions for motor vehicles and the road infrastructure. Throughout the Institute's research into this area we were however, interested in finding onboard solutions available for the motorist and fleet operator who is without these systems already on his vehicles and 'TomTom' Came up trumps.

Commenting on the Award to 'TomTom WORK' for their recent success in winning the Institute of Transport Management's 'Innovation in Fleet Technology Award', Mr. Sheedy, Media & PR Director for the Institute, said: Realising the need for improving vehicle mobility, to reduce costs and lessen the harmful effects on our overstressed environment, we took on a research study to look at fleet management systems available on the market, to deal with these issues and we were particularly impressed with TomTom's offerings.

“TomTom WORK” is inter-connected Navigation system that supports in effective fleet Management. The Service itself provides connected navigation which is a key ingredient to successful fleet management as it enables organizations to track and trace their drivers location. This gives the fleet huge time and cost savings, allowing the organization to incorporate a TQM framework. All that is needed for the organization to operate this system is a TomTom link tracking device, which must be then connected to the “TomTom GO” system in the driver's car and a computer with TomTom's web based tracking app, “WEBFLEET”.

Particular Advantages to using 'TomTom WORK' include; the fact that it enables the fleet to respond instantly to a last minute change of plan/delivery destination. It also allows for “real time ” scheduling and track, as there is two-way communication the customer/fleet manager can track the product en-route, helping to ensure customer fulfillment and that deadlines are met. It Promotes 100% efficiency, due to its capacity to monitor all aspects of the journey. Also there are no installation issues as “TomTom GO” comes ready to use and “WEBFLEET” is a subscription based service.

Mr. Sheedy concludes by saying: The key role of the industry is to promote technological development and provide integrated solutions for transport and mobility. Ongoing and dedicated commitment is needed to address long-term issues such as alternative energy sources, infrastructure and traffic management to ease the pressure on our roads and build an effective and moving transport system. In the meantime the 'TomTom WORK' system provides the fleet manager with everything he needs for effective fleet management in an increasingly fraught and demanding industry.

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