Alternative Mount Kit – New TomTom WORK accessory available

TomTom WORK offers the new TomTom WORK Alternative Mount Kit. This new accessory is for all, who want more flexibility and comfort in their cars with their TomTom WORK solution.

With this TomTom WORK Alternative Mount Kit you can position your TomTom GO 510/710/910 wherever it feels most comfortable, as an alternative to the usual windscreen dock. The kit contains a special mount with an integrated cable for connecting TomTom GO 510/710/910 to TomTom LINK. The bracket part of this special mount can be fitted directly onto any flat surface available on the dashboard near the user. The integrated two meter long cable between your TomTom GO and the TomTom LINK provides a permanent power supply; and your TomTom GO receives its GPS-data via this connection cable so it can be used deeper in the vehicle, where GPS-reception may have been unavailable previously.

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