TomTom WORK launches two products to help drivers record working hours and mileage more efficiently

Amsterdam – March 02, 2010
TomTom WORK releases two new remote control devices for TomTom LINK designed to save costs and further enhance efficiency.

The Remote LINK Working Time device enables businesses to track the working hours of every employee in the field. The Remote LINK Logbook, meanwhile, gives an accurate record of work-related and personal mileage.

The TomTom LINK system makes it easy for fleet managers to track and trace their company vehicles explains Thomas Schmidt, Managing Director TomTom WORK. By adding these new Remote LINK devices, managers can gather valuable data about their employees' working hours and mileage – data they can use to boost productivity, increase efficiency and save money

The Remote LINK Working Time not only offers new business insight into employee activity on the road – it also transforms employee productivity by removing the need for manual timesheets. Designed as an easy-to-use remote control, it enables each employee to identify themselves and record their working status by 'clicking' their ID key to the remote. This information is sent automatically back to the office through the TomTom LINK. Using TomTom's web-based reporting tool, managers can run reports on when employees started, paused and stopped work.

The Remote LINK Logbook, meanwhile, boosts efficiency on the road and in the office. Simply by clicking a button at the start of each journey, employees can register it as a commute, a personal trip or a work-related journey. Individual and group mileage can be monitored by day, week, month or year, and all data can be integrated with payroll and billing systems for smarter, faster calculations and payments.

Both of these remote control products can also save considerable costs by reducing administration.

Availability and pricing
The Remote LINK Working Time and Remote LINK Logbook will be made available during second quarter 2010. The recommended price is EUR 79 for each device and EUR 39 for 10 ID keys to use with the Working Time device.

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