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Optimise your fleet’s performance

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Looking to optimise your fleet’s performance? WEBFLEET’s suite of solutions gives you visibility over your vehicles, with insights to help you reduce operational costs, save valuable time, improve your customer relation­ships and prioritise safety.

What’s important to you?

Fleet visibility and maintenance

Stay up to date on vehicle conditions with greater visibility over your fleet. WEBFLEET automates your maintenance tasks based on time, odometer or engine hours. It also sends instant notific­a­tions about vehicle malfunc­tions so you can schedule repairs, reduce downtime and lower the risk of unexpected breakdowns.


Optim­isation of complex operational costs

WEBFLEET gives real-time insights into fuel consumption, driving behaviour and effective route planning. With a clear dashboard view, you can take one glance at your operations to see where you can improve and reduce your fleet's overall operational costs.

Admin­is­trative time and optimal planning

Increase productivity and reduce the admin­is­trative burden across your entire organ­isation. Our vehicle and driver insights will help you optimise transport routes, improve delivery ETAs and save time in commu­nic­ation and planning. You can also integrate WEBFLEET with existing third-party solutions.


Customer service levels

Build stronger customer relation­ships and keep them updated every step of the way. WEBFLEET gives you the information you need to optimise scheduling, move quickly, communicate clearly and leave your customers with a good impression.

Mileage log and tax compliance

Gain peace of mind and stay tax compliant with WEBFLEET Logbook. This electronic mileage log makes admin­is­tration a breeze. It will save you and your drivers time, reduce human error and ensure your records are securely saved in one place–with heightened data security for drivers.


Vehicle security and driver safety

Make fleet security and driver safety a top priority. You can follow the status of your vehicles and assets through real-time tracking. Driver support is possible with instant feedback on driving behaviour through WEBFLEET, in combination with PRO Driver Terminals. WEBFLEET Video helps you increase safety and reduce claims using AI-powered dashcams.

How can we help you?

Gain visibility over your fleet and maintenance tasks

Use powerful insights to help reduce operational costs

Get a tailored solution with a range of business integ­ra­tions

Make customers happy with optimised routes and schedules

Track mileage and prove tax compliance

Monitor your trucks, assets and driving behaviour

Check out our fleet management features in more detail

Webfleet Solutions

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Webfleet Solutions

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Webfleet SolutionsWebfleet SolutionsWebfleet SolutionsWebfleet SolutionsWebfleet SolutionsWebfleet Solutions

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