Webfleet Logbook App

Automate trip admin­is­tration with our mobile tracking solution

Webfleet Logbook App

Automate trip admin­is­tration with our mobile tracking solution

Webfleet Logbook is a mileage regis­tration app that automates your trip admin­is­tration. Keep your fleet tax compliant with simplified reporting. Bring greater efficiency and cost savings to your operations with accurate data on starting and ending mileage, along with trip dates and customer visits.

Webfleet Logbook helps you:

Create individual driver profiles for use with all fleet vehicles

Lower your costs and admin­is­trative time and meet HMRC regulations

Save time by tracking your mileage directly from the vehicle's odometer

Automat­ically differ­en­tiate work and private trips, reducing driver workload

Stay tax compliant with accurate, complete and reliable data

Safeguard privacy for drivers when they're on personal trips

Key features of the Webfleet logbook app

Accurate mileage recording

Webfleet Logbook app generates detailed reports automat­ically. The reports contain everything you need to handle mileage claims for tax purposes. With automated journey tracking that includes dates and customer visits, you signi­fic­antly reduce the amount of time spent on mileage reporting tasks.

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Maximum privacy for drivers

We adhere to the highest level of data privacy. In its account, your company can choose to hide your logged business and personal journeys. Data is one of your fleet's most important assets, which is why we manage it in a secured environment.

Stress-free HMRC compliance

Webfleet Logbook is more than a mileage regis­tration app. It automat­ically records every piece of trip data needed to comply with HMRC. Your automated reports contain all the required compliance details. You can avoid financial and tax penalties with ease.

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Actionable advice for drivers

Whether you're using our mileage tracker from a commercial mobile device or one of our PRO Driver Terminals, each trip records an OptiDrive score so you can compare driver behaviour internally and against accepted standards. OptiDrive also provides drivers with actionable feedback on their performance.

User-friendly mobile app

Assign vehicles, attribute trips and record odometer readings with just a few taps. So long as location and mobile data are on, the logbook app will record and report everything centrally. Your drivers can run Webfleet Logbook from their mobile phones.

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Reliable, real-time data

Each journey's precise starting and ending mileage is recorded directly from the vehicle's odometer, making it easy to run fleet-wide reports. You can also pull reports on an individual vehicle or driver basis. Trip data and detailed reports are uploaded automat­ically, so your records are always complete and accurate.

Our awards and certi­ficates

TÜV Süd ISO 27001

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