Fleet management for profes­sional sales and service teams

Cut costs, keep drivers happy, and maximize efficiency

Webfleet, a global telematics leader, equips you with all the tools you need to reduce fleet costs, keep drivers happy and maximise efficiency for your teams. Our Webfleet solution tracks your sales and service team’s productivity in the field and helps you streamline your business operations.

Webfleet helps you

Reduce time spent on fleet admin­is­tration, allowing you to focus on core business

Get to your appoint­ments on-time with live navigation and traffic information

Complete more jobs with optimised order management workflow

Save costs with optimal routes and maintenance alerts

Encourage safe driving by giving drivers valuable feedback

Satisfy local compliance and regulations with reliable and accurate trip reporting

Discover our profes­sional sales and service solutions

Real-time vehicle tracking

Webfleet gives you live tracking visibility over your sales and service teams’ productivity. Our vehicle tracking system accurately reports on the number of appoint­ments team members have attended and time spent behind the wheel.

vehicle tracking left hand traffic
customer satisfaction

Get to your customers on-time

Our profes­sional navigation fleet management solution, combining a complex network of live traffic data and advanced algorithms, helps your team to avoid jams and congested areas. The net result? Your team is more likely to get to their meetings on time.

Accurate trip reporting

Your team can log private and business mileage easily with a PRO Driver Terminal or with the Webfleet Logbook mobile app. Trip reports provided by Webfleet can be used for mileage claims and for tax detail verific­a­tions when the tax authorities make a request.

wf desktop tablet mobilephone logbook en
fuel over time

Control your fleet costs

Decrease your vehicle’s total cost of ownership, using rich data from vehicle integration. For example, you can reduce the risk of unexpected vehicle malfunc­tions with automatic maintenance schedule alerts.

Help your employees to improve driving performance

Responsible driving helps to lower fuel, maintenance and insurance costs, reducing the total costs of vehicle ownership. With OptiDrive scores, Webfleet gives you the information you need to coach and promote safe and economical driving amongst your team.

wf tracking truck optidrive
integration wf pro8 digital signature

Integrate all your business systems together

You can easily integrate other business applic­a­tions with Webfleet to get exactly the fleet management solution you need. For example, synchronise with CRM and billing systems to get a more complete view of essential data and reduce admin­is­tration work.

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ttt service maintenance savings guide

How much money can you save on vehicle costs with telematics?

ttt service maintenance savings guide

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Return on investment in 6 to 9 months

Want to know how to cut costs, improve efficiency and spend less time on admin­is­tration? Book a demo and find out how Webfleet can help you to manage your profes­sional sales and service teams.

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