Electric vehicle fleet management

Where are you in the electri­fic­ation journey? Webfleet helps every step of the way to realise an electric vehicle fleet.

The electri­fic­ation of even a small fleet can be quite a journey. Where are you in the process of realising an electric vehicle fleet? We help you plan the transition, add EVs to your fleet and make the right choices to maximise ROI.

Webfleet helps you master EV fleet management

Spot the best vehicles

to switch over to electric, based on milage, efficiency and TCO

Monitor and manage

your ICE and EV fleets on one convenient dashboard

Track data

like range, energy consumption, mechanical status and more with just a click

Measure data

like how exactly driver behaviour and other factors influence your fleet's economy and expenses

Optimising charging choices

by lowering costs, increasing productivity and making a better ROI

Implement the best solution

for your own electric fleet with the help of our EV experts

Key features for management of an electric vehicles fleet

Monitor fuel usage and carbon emission dashboard Webfleet

Monitor real-time fuel consumption and emissions respons­ib­ility with our fuel efficiency dashboard and use those insights to spot the best places to begin decar­bon­ising your fleet. Whether your fleet consists of passenger cars, LCVs or anything else, our LINK on-board devices can connect everything to Webfleet and make all your data easily available. Determine which parts of the fleet have the highest emissions and are the best to begin changing into electric vehicles.

Monitor fuel usage and carbon emission dashboard Webfleet
Analyse electric vehicle data, battery health dashboard

Get your fleet electri­fic­ation report now

Thinking about adding electric vehicles to your fleet but not sure where to start? Our fleet electri­fic­ation planning report will evaluate your current fleet and recommend which vehicles could be replaced with an electric model for optimal results.

Talk to our EV experts

Whether you would like to know more about calculating your current fleet's Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and, comparing that to the emissions and costs of a EV or hybrid fleet, or want to know how to smartly electrify your assets, our experts are keen to help.

electri­fic­ation expert electric car vehicle Webfleet
EV charging report

EV charging report

Webfleet's EV charge report helps you track when, where and for how long your electric vehicles were plugged in for charging, giving you insight into why your EVs are at their current level of charge.

Optimise your workforce charging

Working out when to charge an electric vehicle isn't an issue, with Webfleet. Plan jobs with charging locations displayed directly on the Webfleet map, ensuring that vehicles can efficiently use time and chargers to complete any job.

Dashboard overview, map for charging stations ev Webfleet
pro 8475 ev charging points

Find the closest EV charging locations on the road

Your drivers can rely on commer­cial-grade EV map coverage on their PRO Driver Terminals, displaying charging locations across Australia.

Notific­a­tions keep you on top of your fleet

Get notified in real-time when the battery of a vehicle on the road approaches a critical level and needs to be charged. With this Webfleet feature, you can quickly take action and prevent breakdowns of service, ensuring seamless operation of your fleet. Stay in control and optimise the performance of your electric vehicles.

Map with electric vehicles and battery status
Webfleet EV fleet management

EV fleet management made easy

Our Webfleet solution allows you to view, monitor, and manage your ICE, hybrid and electric fleet all on the same platform, while offering support to drivers when necessary. Webfleet can also be integrated with a wide range of 3rd party applic­a­tions, so you can build the ideal solution for your fleet.

Monitor your electric vehicles from anywhere

Right there in the palm of your hand, you can manage your whole fleet from anywhere using our Webfleet Mobile app. Most of the information is available in one touch and commands are carried out using the same intuitive tap or swipe action you use for other mobile apps.

PRO M mobile mMap with all data of electric vehicles for management

EV awards

All you need to know about EV fleet management

What is EV fleet management?

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Electric vehicle (EV) fleet management is the process of running an EV fleet efficiently, safely and product­ively. Smart planning is crucial for effective EV fleet management - jobs should be planned according to vehicle charge.

What are the key benefits of an electric vehicle fleet?

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Saving on fuel and maintenance costs is one key benefit of an electric vehicle fleet. EVs don't use fuel, which also means they don't emit CO2. Another benefit, then, is proving your organ­isation's commitment to envir­on­mental respons­ib­ility. There is also the potential to reduce your maintenance costs as EVs have fewer parts.

How is EV fleet management different from fleet management for internal combustion (ICE) vehicles?

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The main difference between managing an EV fleet and one that uses petrol is how you power your vehicles. With internal combustion engines(ICE), it's a matter of filling up at a petrol station. Managing an EV fleet requires planning jobs based on range capacity and re-charges.

How does EV fleet management work?

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Fleet management technology plays a significant role. You need the ability to monitor your EV locations and charge status, data that's vital to route planning and job completion. Electric vehicle fleet management software gives you greater control with notific­a­tions on battery levels. Thinking of switching to EVs? Use our free Fleet Electri­fic­ation Report to analyse how much you could save on fuel and C02 emissions by going electric. Request a free consultation

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