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Vehicle Tracking for Small BusinessVehicle Tracking for Small BusinessVehicle Tracking for Small BusinessVehicle Tracking for Small BusinessVehicle Tracking for Small BusinessVehicle Tracking for Small Business

Our small business and medium business solution gives you much more than merely tracking and tracing. Webfleet Solutions are designed to also help the driver. Go beyond knowing when, where and how a vehicle was driven, support your teams in the field with the right tool to make their jobs easier. You’ll be up and running within one day, without any IT install­ation and you’ll start saving money from day one.

More control

More control

More control

Always know where your vehicles and employees are: get insight in driving time, driving behaviour, time on site, standstill and working time. Create trans­parency and make your drivers more accountable for their actions.

Lower your costs

Lower your costs

Lower your costs

Because drivers are helped to use the vehicle more carefully you can slash fuel costs, maintenance cost and insurance costs.

More billable time

More billable time

More billable time

Make better use of time with tools like automated logbook and automated working time regis­tration. You can also increase the billable time of your employees by sending the driver that can be at a destination fastest, based on distance and real-time traffic situation.

Why do small and medium businesses choose WEBFLEET?

Easy to use

Local support

Future proof

Choose the best vehicle tracking solution for your business

Webfleet Solutions

SMB solution

  • Clear and accurate reports on driving time, driving behaviour and time on site
  • Real time position of your vehicle
  • Smart and efficient tracking & tracing and planning
Webfleet Solutions

Optional: Recommended extra

  • Live traffic information
  • Jop dispatch and workflow
  • Managed working time

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Webfleet SolutionsWebfleet SolutionsWebfleet SolutionsWebfleet SolutionsWebfleet SolutionsWebfleet Solutions

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