To implement something like Webfleet was really a no-brainer for us.

The Company

The Company

For over 15 years, Superior Traffic Management has provided professional traffic management and solutions to utilities, gas, and water providers throughout South-East Queensland, Australia.

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The Challenge

The Challenge

Superior Traffic Management needed visibility over their fleet's location, position, and utilisation. Being able to track and monitor their assets, log usage, and locate their vehicles, saw Superior Traffic Management try many different solution providers – even reverting to pen and paper at one point.

Accurate information on where any of their vehicles were was of paramount importance; such data would greatly improve the safety of their team, improving compliance and utilisation while also providing peace of mind through knowing where vehicles were located at any given time.

We needed to be able to track the vehicles, they’re our assets we need to know where they are said Fiona Glancy, Director & Owner of Superior Traffic Management.

The Solution

The Solution

I sign a ute driver up, and I’m handing them a $60,000 dollar asset, and they’re driving out my driveway - see you later! But at least if I’ve got Webfleet in them, I know where they’re going said Fiona, to implement something like Webfleet was really a no-brainer for us.

Superior Traffic Management’s use of Webfleet has grown since its initial installation in 2017. It’s just part of our day-to-day life. You’re missing out on a big part of control in your business by not having Webfleet,” Fiona continues “It was a scary thing to outlay that cost at the start – but we haven’t looked back.

Vehicle Tracking:

One of the biggest improvements for Superior Traffic Management was the overall visibility of their fleet.

With over 57 vehicles now in operation, Superior Traffic Management often has over 57 locations active across day and night shift – knowing where their vehicles are, where they’re going, and how they are being used, greatly improves operational efficiency and provides peace of mind.

I know where my vehicles are – that helps me sleep at night – Fiona Glancy, Superior Traffic Management

With Webfleet’s live tracking, STM supervisors are able to see where their vehicles are, when they’ve arrived on site, or when they’ve finished on-site, streamlining job scheduling and providing a clear overview of vehicle status.

Superior Traffic Management also utilises Webfleet’s geofencing capabilities, marking zones such as toll roads or depots to generate alerts for operations when a vehicle enters a designated area. This further improves oversight and ensures teams remain updated to vehicles on approach or crossing specific areas.

Webfleet has also helped Superior Traffic Management improve asset and driver safety through its OptiDrive 360, which generates data and alerts when a vehicle hits a pothole or engages in speeding and other risky behaviours, giving forewarning for any preventative or corrective measures.

Fatigue Management:

Fatigue plays a huge role in traffic management, and Superior Traffic Management needed to ensure their people were aligned with fatigue guidelines and best practices in order to operate effectively and safely throughout long shifts or multiple locations.

We can have over 57 locations active across day and night shift – being able to track the vehicles and know when they’re finishing or when they’re arriving on site is very helpful from a scheduling view explained Rebecca Pop, Operations Manager.

Webfleet’s live tracking capabilities gives Superior Traffic Management visibility on when the vehicles have been in use and if crews have had rest periods to ensure every team member remains compliant and safe on site.

Job Management:

The improved visibility provided by Webfleet has greatly improved Superior Traffic Management’s fleet flexibility. If a team is required at a new location on short notice, operations can readily see which vehicles are nearby and have had sufficient rest periods to redirect and re-engage in traffic management activities.

Rebecca explained her use of Webfleet in detail; If we have an emergency job come in, I’m able to quickly look for which crews are closest, have left their scheduled site, and I’m able to redirect them to another site.

Being to re-utilise that asset again, if time allows, that’s gold – Fiona Glancy, Director & Owner, Superior Traffic Management

Customer Service:

Webfleet also aided Superior Traffic Management in providing improved customer service and traffic control capabilities to their customers. We try to provide clients with the same traffic crews all the time – consistency with their traffic control, said Fiona, Often, the same Utilities crew will have the same Traffic Controller crew following them from job to job. They get to the site, they know the client crew already, they know what they need, and can set up for them.

Through Webfleet’s tracking capabilities, Superior Traffic Management can see which crews were deployed to which sites on specific days, and can send job locations to the crews remotely, ensuring their traffic control teams and customers are heading to the same site, gaining the time and efficiency advantages that consistency of process delivers.

Operational Flexibility, Efficiency & Integration

Superior Traffic Management has utilised Webfleet to provide further data and insight via available API, linking into their customised software suite. Webfleet provides vehicle data, location, and utilisation into a great business dashboard, ensuring Superior Traffic Management has all the information required for a single source of truth within the business. This data from Webfleet helps to equip multiple facets of the business, such as accounts, where Webfleet vehicle usage data and hours for payroll.

With Webfleet being available across multiple devices ensures that key supervisors can monitor vehicles at any point - the best thing about Webfleet is I can access it on any device - I’m on the road a lot but I can access it on my phone, my tablet, my laptop and desktop commented Rebecca This gives visibility and has cut down the time it takes me to locate crews – I no longer need to call crews for their location.

We couldn’t function without it now—if we were to say, We aren’t tracking our vehicles any more, I don’t know what we’d do without it said Fiona. I don’t know how businesses function without it, truly.

Superior Traffic Management found the perfect fleet management solution with these components1:

Track real-time vehicle location & driving behaviour.

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1 It is possible that the device the customer uses has been phased out and has now been replaced by its successor

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