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Stay on top of fleet safety.

Fleet safety is a major priority for any fleet owner or manager. Alongside preventing accidents, practicing good road safety protects a fleet business from higher insurance costs and reputational damage. Fleet safety management involves a range of concerns, from driver well-being and driving behaviour to route planning and vehicle maintenance. By leveraging digital tools, fleet owners and managers can monitor their vehicles, ensuring that drivers and cargo reach their destinations safely. A combination of integrated video telematics and analytics enables you to increase the security of your fleet. Roadworthy vehicles are safe vehicles. Make sure your fleet’s tyres and vehicles are in top condition by scheduling in automated maintenance alerts. With features like OptiDrive 360, drivers receive real-time coaching, empowering them to immediately adjust their driving behaviour. Video offers objective proof against fraudulent claims. And dynamic route planning helps drivers avoid unsafe road conditions. Are you where you want to be in terms of safety for your fleet? Do you know what you need to keep your vehicles and drivers safe on the road? Wondering how to implement a fleet safety programme? Webfleet provides insights and tips to help your business contribute to a culture of safety. Explore the latest fleet security solutions for your drivers and vehicles.

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