Owner operator

Your whole fleet operation on one interface

Owner operator

Your whole fleet operation on one interface

If you own and operate an SME that uses cars, vans or trucks, it's likely you have a lot on your hands. The Webfleet fleet management solution makes it simple. From one interface you can handle all the key tasks related to your vehicles, from monitoring fuel usage to overseeing vehicle maintenance, scheduling jobs and much, much more.

What's important to you as an owner operator?

Better fuel efficiency

Webfleet presents you with real-time and historic data on how your vehicles are consuming fuel. This way, you can spot if fuel is being used unneces­sarily and zero in on why it's happening. For example, your trip data will show you if your drivers could be engaging cruise control more frequently or if they are idling too often, so you can take action to run a more fuel efficient operation.

fuel over time

Maintain your vehicles in top condition

Webfleet keeps you well-in­formed regarding your fleet's condition with tracking devices. You can schedule maintenance tasks easily and efficiently based either on odometer information or a certain period of time. Also, vehicle diagnostic and engine trouble codes are sent to the owner operator instantly if something is going wrong. All of that means less chance of breakdowns, less downtime, safer vehicles and a more efficient fleet.

Orders, jobs and scheduling

Webfleet empowers owner operators to plan better and quicker. With precise data and more automation, you can set more accurate delivery times and spend less time on commu­nic­ating the schedule to your drivers and customers, while staying compliant with driver's hours regulations. Also, Profes­sional Navigation uses a complex network of live traffic data and advanced algorithms to keep your drivers out of jams and on schedule.

order optimisation

How can we help you as an owner operator?

Know where your vehicles are 24/7 with real-time track and trace

Reduce your costs with better fuel efficiency and smarter maintenance

Optimise your business processes – Webfleet integrates easily with existing software and hardware

Keep on schedule with Profes­sional Navigation and live traffic data

Improve your service with accurate ETAs and seamless commu­nic­ation

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See how Webfleet can help your business.

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