Monitor your assets and vehicles on one interface

Webfleet Asset Tracking

Total visibility over your trailers and powered assets

Total visibility over your trailers and powered assets

Webfleet, Europe's number one telematics solution, allows you to monitor both your valuable assets and fleet on one simple interface. With accurate GPS positioning, utilization reporting, maintenance notific­a­tions, and much more, it helps you maintain your assets' security, value, and effect­iveness.

Webfleet Asset Tracking helps you

Locate your assets with accurate positioning

Stay in control of your assets’ movements

Detect theft in time to take effective action

Manage how your assets are used

Keep your assets in top condition

Reduce workload with automated reporting

Key features

Locate your valuable assets

Webfleet's detailed map makes it easy to see exactly where your assets are. If they're not on-site, stay confident you can locate them quickly.

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View the location of your asset

Gain visibility into where your assets have been with position updates every five minutes on the map1.

Instant alerts help prevent theft

Webfleet lets you know when your asset’s status changes. For example, if it enters or leaves a defined area or if an unauthorised movement is detected, you get a notific­ation.

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Maintain your assets’ condition

You can schedule and manage maintenance tasks to keep your assets in good condition. Set up notific­a­tions based on odometer, engine hours or time since the last maintenance.

Know how your assets are being used

Either use Webfleet’s asset card for a quick overview or view automated reports regarding your assets’ statuses, including current position, trip, maintenance, address, location and input reports (e.g. trailer door status).

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Couple your asset and vehicle

If your vehicle is also equipped with a LINK tracking device, the coupled asset information is displayed automat­ically on the map for both vehicles and assets. You can easily identify which asset is connected to which vehicle.

Monitor your whole operation

Webfleet displays the location and status of every trailer, powered asset2 and vehicle in your fleet on one interface.

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All you need to know about asset tracking

What is asset tracking?


Asset tracking is the process of monitoring and keeping track of the exact location, status, position and other relevant information of your company's assets. Assets can be defined depending on your business, which can be anything from equipment and tools to IT devices and vehicles. Asset management is another commonly used term for asset tracking. A telematics solution digitises the process with functions like GPS positioning and utilisation reporting, enabling you to maintain visibility over your valuable assets.

What assets should be tracked?


Your organ­isation's assets may include a variety of tools, equipment, vehicles and IT systems. Assets of high value should be monitored and tracked, as damage or theft of them can be costly and disruptive to your business. With telematics, you can keep your assets in good working order with maintenance notific­a­tions. You can also prevent theft via geofencing alerts.

Who can use asset tracking?


A wide range of industries can benefit from asset tracking. Construction can keep track of equipment and heavy machinery across sites. Transport and profes­sional services companies can keep track of trailers alongside trucks, and manage how they are utilised.

Healthcare providers can keep track of medical equipment, and educational insti­tu­tions can use it for laboratory equipment to ensure it stays on campus.

Why is asset tracking important?


If you have complete visibility over your assets, you can achieve two goals: save time and money. You can gain valuable insights into how assets are used (who, when, where, how) as well as about maintenance schedules, need for new equipment and theft prevention. All this invaluable data can be used to analyse your operation and support decision making, therefore, improving efficiency by maximising asset utilisation rates.

How does asset tracking work?


There is a range of methods to track assets either digitally or manually. Some companies prefer pen and paper while others prefer to use Excel. But the most effective and efficient way to monitor and track the utilisation of your company assets is with asset tracking software. Some asset tracking solutions offer mobile applic­a­tions and scannable asset tags. Mobile allows you to easily track assets on the go. The tags help you identify assets and bridge the physical items with their information in the database. There are many options for tags including barcodes, QR codes and RFID tags. RFID tags allow fleet managers to identify drivers and which vehicles they use.

What is asset tracking software?


Asset tracking software uses GPS to determine the position of assets. It connects the location of your assets with software that collects asset data. Some features include geofencing, which uses GPS to define geographical boundaries. This is an important feature that can protect your assets from theft and unauthorised usage. Further, track and trace features can determine not only the current location of an asset but also historical locations of assets, which is useful for asset management and improving the utilisation of assets.

What are the benefits of asset tracking software?


Webfleet Asset Tracking gives fleet managers total visibility over trailers and powered assets on a straight-forward interface. Maintain your assets' security, value and effect­iveness with accurate GPS positioning, utilisation reporting, maintenance notific­a­tions and much more.

Why do you need asset tracking?


Asset tracking is key to maintaining your assets' security and value. Knowing where your assets are — and how they're being used — is vital to your efficiency and profit­ab­ility. Asset tracking, managed with telematics, ensures that you're in control of your organ­isation's assets. Asset tracking software simplifies your admin­is­trative processes, eliminating tedious paperwork.

Robust asset tracker

A LINK 340 asset tracking device and Webfleet Asset Tracking subscription is all you need to start managing your assets effectively.

Dust and water proof

Designed for harsh envir­on­ments.

Long lasting battery

Equipped with a large rechargeable 5800mAh Li-Ion battery.

Advanced Mobile Network Connectivity

Maximised coverage using multiple techno­logies.

Asset heartbeat check

Internal battery3 gives a daily location update when the asset is not in use.

MECKY LOGISTICS GMBH has been using the Webfleet solution since 2015. With the great new Asset Tracking LINK 340, we track our trailers and our tractors in one place, which is a big help for our business.
Mecky Logistics GmbH

Return on investment in 6 to 9 months

See how Webfleet Asset Tracking can help your business.

1 Trace view does not provide the exact routes the assets have travelled.
2 Powered assets usually have on-board engines.
3 Available over a maximum period of 90 days when the LINK 340 is fully charged.