Operations and Maintenance

Make your business more efficient and effective

Operations and Maintenance

Make your business more efficient and effective

Are you looking for a way to make your operations and maintenance business more efficient and effective? Webfleet, Europe’s number one fleet management solution, gives you all the tools you need to get there. Webfleet allows you to digitise your processes and streamline your workflow. That means safer and more productive drivers, lower fleet costs and happy customers.

What’s important to you?

Workflow management

Boost your fleet’s efficiency with Webfleet. You’ll gain instant access to order status, vehicle status and traffic info, helping you identify the best driver for the job. Our Order Optim­isation feature1 will optimise your order schedule in just one click, meaning more orders completed in less time. You can also easily integrate with your existing third-party apps to reduce admin time.

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customer satisfaction

Customer satis­faction

Make customers happy by giving them more accurate ETAs2. Webfleet has advanced navig­a­tional capab­il­ities that can adjust directions based on real-time traffic data and vehicle type, allowing your drivers to take the best routes possible. This means they can reach more customers on time and reduce any unnecessary waiting periods.

Cost savings

Keep your expenses under control with a clear overview of how your fleet is performing. You’ll get regular alerts to schedule maintenance checks and receive automatic notific­a­tions if a vehicle needs repairs, helping you avoid any costly breakdowns. You can also use Webfleet’s insights to manage fuel consumption and encourage cost-ef­fective driving.

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Driver safety

Increase driver safety with OptiDrive 360, a complete approach to continuous driving improve­ments. Drivers will get real-time feedback and advice on responsible driving, resulting in fewer road incidents and vehicle maintenance checks. By having safer drivers and vehicles on the road, you may also be able to lower insurance premiums.

Better decision making

Use powerful insights to make smarter decisions. Webfleet’s detailed dashboard and rich reports puts you in full control to make effective decisions for your fleet. By gaining the ability to closely monitor and analyse performance with real-time information, you can make continuous optim­isa­tions to drive efficiency.

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Brand reputation

Not all costs related to unsafe driving can be shown on a spreadsheet. 75% of fleet decision makers are concerned that poor driving behaviour will harm their company’s reputation. Webfleet’s telematics and video tech insights can help you run a safer fleet, which is good for your drivers, vehicles, and ultimately, your reputation.

How can we help you?

Increase service quality and make customers and drivers happier

Eliminate unnecessary waiting times by providing best-in-class ETAs

Enhance your order management workflow and get more jobs done

Cut costs with optimal routes and regular maintenance alerts

Save time on admin­is­tration so you can focus on what matters most

Get the solution that fits you best with a range of business integ­ra­tions

Check out our operations and maintenance features in more detail

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Want to learn how to cut your fleet costs?

wfs cutting costs in professional services whitepaper

Download the eBook today and find out how to get your fleet running costs under control.

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1 Order Optim­isation is available at an additional subscription level.
2 ETAs = estimated times of arrival

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