Fleet management for trucks

Let Europe’s number one provider of telematics services free you to focus on growing your business. Webfleet, our cloud-based fleet management solution, equips you with all the tools you need to stay compliant, ensure safety, improve efficiency and boost productivity for your trucks and drivers.

Fleet management for trucks helps you

By monitoring fuel, maintenance and driving behaviour

With optimised scheduling, routing and commu­nic­ation

With tachograph downloads, working time and digital vehicle inspections

By keeping drivers on the safest routes and vehicles in good condition

All the time via one interface

With real time driver coaching

Key features of fleet management for trucks

Make your driver’s job easier

The PRO 8475 TRUCK Driver Terminal offers truck­-spe­cific navigation, dedicated truck POIs and TomTom Traffic for optimal routes and ETAs.

By connecting Webfleet**, you can monitor your trucks’ locations, get digitised order management between your drivers and the office and receive real-time driving behaviour feedback and advice. Also, the open platform of the device enables custom­isation with a broad range of business applic­a­tions, such as barcode scanning and digital signatures to prove delivery.

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Improve road safety and driving performance

In the transport sector, ensuring your drivers stay safe on the roads is of paramount importance. OptiDrive 360 provides valuable insights to both the fleet manager and the driver, delivering feedback before, during and after each trip.

Webfleet’s simple overview of your vehicle maintenance helps you to keep your trucks in good condition, increase road safety and save on repair costs.

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Lower your costs and prove sustain­ab­ility with fuel monitoring

By connecting to your truck’s FMS***, you can closely monitor fuel levels and consumption. Webfleet's fuel consumption report helps you manage resources, optimise your operational costs and adopt fuel-saving strategies to improve fleet sustain­ab­ility. Insights on driving performance also help your drivers adopt more efficient and cost-saving driving styles.

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* API available for 3rd party providers to integrate their service.
** Connection to Webfleet only when used with a compatible LINK.
*** FMS: the "Fleet Management Systems Interface" is a stand­ardised interface that enables access to vehicle data.