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Fleet management for trucks

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Let Europe’s number one provider of telematics services free you to focus on growing your business. WEBFLEET, our cloud-based fleet management solution, equips you with all the tools you need to stay compliant, ensure safety, improve efficiency and boost productivity for your trucks and drivers.

Fleet management for trucks helps you

Reduce fuel and maintenance costs

Boost productivity and make decisions faster

Stay on top of tachograph compliance

Keep drivers on the safest routes

Monitor your truck fleet and trailers from one interface

See how your drivers perform and support them to improve

Fleet management for trucks key features

Prove compliance in one place

WEBFLEET Tachograph Manager helps take the hassle out of proving compliance for both your drivers on the road and your team in the office.

Tachograph Manager remotely downloads all required tachograph data, while offering driver and vehicle download statuses, analyses and reporting on daily driver activities, and more information on a simple dashboard view. Meanwhile, inspections are made easier with all your records archived in one repository.

Learn more about WEBFLEET Tachograph Manager
Webfleet Solutions
Webfleet Solutions

Keep your existing tachograph analysis provider

WEBFLEET TachoShare is a remote download and archiving module that downloads tachograph data from your vehicles on the road, while offering connectivity to your existing 3rd party tachograph analysis provider*.

You get complete control of how you use your data and who you share it with, from a secure, accessible archive.

Learn more about WEBFLEET TachoShare

Get more jobs done with optimised scheduling

WEBFLEET provides up-to-date information on your drivers’ remaining driving times and rest periods. This way, you can stay informed as to which driver has enough driving time left to do the next job in time.

With Remaining Driving Times, you can optimise your dispatching process, while staying compliant with real-time social infringe­ments notific­ation.

Learn more about Remaining Driving Times
Webfleet Solutions
Webfleet Solutions

Make your driver’s job easier

The PRO 8375 TRUCK Driver Terminal offers truck­-spe­cific navigation, dedicated truck POIs and TomTom Traffic for optimal routes and ETAs.

By connecting WEBFLEET**, you can monitor your trucks’ locations, get digitised order management between your drivers and the office and receive real-time driving behaviour feedback and advice. Also, the open platform of the device enables custom­isation with a broad range of business applic­a­tions, such as barcode scanning, digital signatures to prove delivery.

Learn more about PRO 8375 TRUCK

All of your systems working together

The WEBFLEET.connnect API gives system integrators access to our open platform, allowing them to build a broad range of bespoke solutions. This can help boost the performance of your business in areas such as routing and scheduling, transport management, CRM and many more.

There are also many ready-built solutions in the WEBFLEET App Centre for integration with your back-office and your PRO series Driver Terminals, e.g. tyre pressure and temperature monitoring.

Visit the WEBFLEET App Center
Webfleet Solutions
Webfleet Solutions

Improve road safety and driving performance

In the transport sector, ensuring your drivers stay safe on the roads is of paramount importance. WEBFLEET’s simple overview of your vehicle maintenance helps you to keep your trucks in good condition and increase road safety.

In the transport sector, ensuring your drivers stay safe on the roads is of paramount importance. WEBFLEET’s simple overview of your vehicle maintenance helps you to keep your trucks in good condition and increase road safety.

Learn more about OptiDrive

Lower costs by monitoring fuel usage

By connecting to your truck’s FMS***, you can closely monitor fuel level and consumption using our WEBFLEET fuel consumption report. This helps you manage resources and optimise your operational costs.

Learn more about WEBFLEET Reporting
Webfleet Solutions
Webfleet Solutions

Monitor your assets and vehicles on one interface​

WEBFLEET Asset Tracking gives you visibility over your assets’ positions and usage. From one place, you can instantly check the status of all the powered assets and vehicles in your fleet. This helps you maintain their security, value and effect­iveness. Meanwhile, automated processes and notific­a­tions reduce your workload.

Learn more about WEBFLEET Asset Tracking

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50,000 customers benefit from WEBFLEET every day

case priority patient transport
Priority Patient Transport increases dispatch efficiency by 300%.
Steve Higgins, Priority Patient Transport
case kingsway towing
Webfleet Solutions allows us to maximize the number of calls we can take per vehicle per day, while monitoring and managing fuel and vehicle maintenance costs.
Ken Bach, Kingsway Towing
case global waste service
With pen and paper, it was so stressful and fatiguing. Now with WEBFLEET, dispatch is a piece of cake.
Orlando Esteves, Global Waste Service Inc

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Webfleet SolutionsWebfleet SolutionsWebfleet SolutionsWebfleet SolutionsWebfleet SolutionsWebfleet Solutions
* API available for 3rd party providers to integrate their service.** Connection to WEBFLEET only when used with a compatible LINK.*** FMS: the "Fleet Management Systems Interface" is a stand­ardised interface that enables access to vehicle data.

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