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Everything you need to stay compliant with minimum hassle

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WEBFLEET Tachograph Manager is the reliable all-in-one solution to download, analyse and archive your tachograph data. Compliance simplified at every step.

Tachograph Manager helps you

Maximise productivity with automated downloads

Stay ahead of your deadlines for compliance regulation

Reduce the stress of inspections

Analyse how well you are keeping up with compliance

Keep your data secure at all points

Comply with drivers’ hours regulation1

The key features

An automated end-to-end process

Forget about expensive, time consuming manual downloads. Tachograph Manager automates the process, from remote data downloads to archiving and analyses. Less time and process costs are spent on getting the data, leaving you free to focus on core business.

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Webfleet Solutions

Stay flexible with remote downloads

When a vehicle’s tachograph data is downloaded, the driver doesn’t need to be in a specific location. This keeps your planning flexible and your trucks on the road. If your tachographs don’t support remote downloads, you can still manually import downloaded data for archiving and analyses.

A reliable IT solution

We manage your Company Card for you, keeping it in a secure data centre. No local infra­structure is required to host data. Data is stored in compliance with GDPR, helping you fulfil your duty to protect your employee’s privacy.

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Webfleet Solutions

Clear analysis to help you prove compliance

Get the insight you need with a variety of in-depth reports. For example, social infringement reports give you a clear overview of expected fines and advice on corrective action, while TachoGrade measures how well your driver complies with European Drivers’ Hours Regulation ((EC) No.561/2006).

Deadline manager keeps you on track

Tachograph Manager allows you to monitor a wide range of deadlines. With clear categories, an overview of Driver Card expiration dates, download deadlines for tachograph data, custom­isable reminders and much more, you can reduce the risk of penalties and fines.

Webfleet Solutions
Webfleet Solutions

Remaining Driving Times

Get daily and weekly remaining driving times for ad-hoc dispatch and scheduling and real-time social infringement notific­a­tions with Tachograph Manager Plus. This helps to optimise your dispatch planning, maximise driving times, stay compliant with driving time regulation and reduce the chance of fines.

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Daily downloads for quick access

Need to access data right away for a monthly salary calculation or because a driver is leaving the company? Tachograph Manager Plus downloads Driver Card data once per day. That way, you can rest assured you are getting up-to-date information.

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Webfleet Solutions

How to keep your drivers happy, healthy and productive

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Get insight on how to recruit and retain drivers, improve driver productivity and encourage physical and mental well-being.

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Want to keep your existing analysis provider?

Webfleet Solutions

Want to keep your existing analysis provider?

WEBFLEET TachoShare remotely downloads and archives tachograph data. Then this data can be imported to your 3rd party analysis software.

Check out WEBFLEET TachoShare
1This feature is available with Tachograph Manager Plus service

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