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Join our platform and make your services accessible to commercial fleets. Our EV Services Platform simplifies access to a wide range of services, from electri­fic­ation planning to fleet optim­isation. Integrating your services into the platform provides a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of fleet electri­fic­ation.

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Benefit from joining the EV Services Platform

Enhance services with fleet data

Access key vehicle data like battery levels, homogenised across brands and models to boost service quality

Access qualified EV referrals

Hear from industry leads interested in new services for their electri­fic­ation journey

Simplified onboarding

Onboard your customers via user-friendly, future-proof, and GDPR-com­pliant APIs

Reduce complexity and costs

Simplify IT for your customers with pre-in­teg­ration to our platform

Maximise the network effect

Take advantage of oppor­tun­ities to grow your business

Increase revenue

Become a Webfleet referrer, offering customers the full value chain

Boost your EV services with fleet data

EV charger hardware and software

  • Refine charging infra­structure planning with real-life vehicle performance
  • Refine your charger install­ation consultancy with accurate fleet positioning and idling time
  • Provide fraud detection to reimbursement services with vehicle identi­fic­ation
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parking fleet black vans

EV smart charging

  • Prioritise vehicle charging based on trip schedules
  • Optimise charging costs according to vehicle energy needs
  • Improve fleet service and reliability with real-time vehicle data (battery SoC, SoH, consumption profile, scheduling)

EV planning

  • Anticipate tactical adjustments in planning with real-time fleet and charging data
  • Improve strategic planning with feedback loops of actual driven trip data
  • Ensure that vehicles are roadworthy, charged and ready for all jobs
  • Optimise route planning, accounting for road conditions, traffic and energy consumption
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renewable energies

EV energy management

  • Make use of fleet data to anticipate energy demand and optimise energy consumption at on-site charging operations
  • Facilitate the design, monitoring and control of energy flows used for both electric fleet and building operations
  • Offer energy and grid flexibility services without impacting fleet operations

EV battery analytics

  • Optimise your degradation models with access to real-life data from a wide range of EV models
  • Avoid costly hardware integ­ra­tions by leveraging existing vehicle integration
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What our partners have to say

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By joining the EV Platform, Eaton brings power and energy management expertise to the fleet community. With our compre­hensive range of EV chargers, energy storage, and energy management software, we'll simulate and design an optimal charging infra­structure that is scalable and cybersecure. We’ll help integrate solar energy to optimise your electrical infra­structure to reduce costs and accommodate the additional electric load without the need for costly grid upgrades.
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We’re excited to continue working with Bridgestone Mobility Solutions, a partner who shares our commitment to driving innovation in the fleet and logistics industry. Through this collab­or­ation, both companies integrate what they do best into one solution to help businesses run smoothly and confidently electrify.
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Heliox is thrilled to join Bridgestone's EV platform, sparking a greener future for sustainable mobility. Heliox looks forward to offering their range of fast-charging and scalable solutions, tailored for heavy-duty electric vehicles.
Heliox Energy
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Joining the EV Platform Partners Program, CTEK amplifies its impact in the EVSE realm, leveraging integrated hardware and software solutions to accelerate the transition from ICE vehicles to electric, shaping a sustainable transport future.
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Integrating our battery diagnostics seamlessly into their new EV platform not only enhances operational insights but signifies a commitment to maximizing cost efficiency. It's a powerful alliance, unlocking unpar­alleled capab­il­ities for smarter, more sustainable fleet management.
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Every EV fleet is unique in terms of vehicles, chargers and power. VEV will design and implement yours based on your specific require­ments and fleet data, focusing on operational resilience and TCO.
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We are excited to join Webfleet as their hardware-agnostic software partner to support their customers in monitoring, optimising and forecasting EV charging for fleets. As a global player in telematics, we know that our joint solution will drive access­ib­ility and scalability around EV electri­fic­ation world wide.
Bia Power
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The alliance between The Mobility House and the EV Services Platform is a strategic alignment that leverages the expertise and experience of both entities revolu­tion­izing electric vehicle fleet management. With The Mobility House's vast experience in handling over 1500 electrified fleets worldwide, this partnership concen­trates on optimizing grid expenses, minimizing demand charges, and reducing energy costs. This collab­or­ation directly benefits Webfleet customers by signi­fic­antly enhancing the efficiency and sustain­ab­ility of their EV fleet operations.
The Mobility House


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