Fleet purchasing and procurement

Simplify your business processes

Fleet purchasing and procurement

Simplify your business processes

When you are working as a fleet procurement manager or purchasing and logistics manager, you are always looking for - better ways to manage your fleet purchasing and procurement while gaining visibility on fleet performance and utilisation. As Europe's #1 fleet management solution, Webfleet streamlines your document­ation and decision-making processes.

What's important to you as a fleet procurement manager?

Improved visibility

Track your business performance with Webfleet's dashboard. Compare your pre-defined KPIs with real-time data, from workforce productivity to operational benchmarks among your vehicles, and gain visibility over your return on investment. On average, companies fleet procurement managers that use Webfleet see ROI in just six to nine months.

Webfleet dashboard for fleet procurement managers
Vehicle maintenance report for purchasing and logistics managers

Cost reduction

Get a clear snapshot of your fleet's profit­ab­ility with reports on fuel consumption and driving data. With Webfleet's maintenance scheduling reminders and automatic vehicle malfunction notific­a­tions, you can avoid unexpected vehicle downtime and costly repairs. How much can a fleet management solution save your business? Learn in just a few seconds with our Savings Calculator.

Process optim­isation

Deciding how to meet your business objectives is a complex process. Webfleet automates the most tedious paperwork, freeing you up time for purchasing and logistics managers to focus on fulfilment and strategy. Our fleet management system can integrate with your existing tools, giving you a complete solution that eliminates the need to manage multiple providers.

Fleet management software for fleet procurement managers
Fuel consumption report for fleet purchasing and logistics manager

Competitive advantage

As a fleet procurement manager, you constantly aim for greater efficiency. Monitor your fleet's fuel performance from a single interface. By pulling real-time reports on historical utilisation, you can make more cost-ef­fective decisions about acquiring new vehicles. With all your business data in one place, you can future-proof your fleet with insightful analyses.

Sustain­ab­ility targets

Greening your fleet is key to shrinking your carbon footprint. Stay on top of your fleet's CO2 emissions and fuel economy. With Webfleet's Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, you can monitor tyre pressure and temperature. Well-main­tained tyres reduce fuel and extend tyre life, supporting your envir­on­mental targets. If you're ready to electrify your fleet, our Fleet Electri­fic­ation Report can identify which vehicles in your current fleet could be replaced with electric models.

Electric vehicle charging at a charging station

How can we help you as a fleet procurement manager?

Get a compre­hensive, real-time view of your fleet's performance

Cut costs by tracking fuel consumption and driving data

Maintain a competitive advantage with a more efficient fleet

Automate workflows and boost workforce productivity

Spot oppor­tun­ities to make your business more profitable

Monitor carbon emissions and boost sustain­ab­ility

Check out our fleet purchasing and procurement features in more detail

wfs cutting costs in professional services whitepaper

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wfs cutting costs in professional services whitepaper

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