Connect to the power of fleet management in seconds


Connect to the power of fleet management in seconds

Europe’s #1 fleet management solution connected to Europe’s most popular car manufac­turers.

Webfleet, our fleet management software solution, connects your vehicle with factory-fitted telematics hardware. All you need is the vehicle number (VIN) to activate connection to Webfleet and enjoy all the benefits connectivity brings.

OEM.connect and Webfleet help you

Remove upfront costs when setting up your fleet management solution

Activate a vehicle for connectivity quickly and with no downtime

Stay connected to your vehicles at all times

Get informed right away when your fleet needs maintenance

Satisfy local compliance and regulations

Be alerted about everything you need to control your costs

The key features

Real-time vehicle tracking

Whether your drivers are parked or on the move, you see their location on your map. This helps with proof of delivery or job completed, and supports you to stay compliant with driver working-time guidelines.

vehicle tracking 03
wf ev vehicles

Electric vehicle support

OEM.connect supports EV fleet management for Mercedes–Benz vehicles without additional hardware install­ation. This helps you to:

  • Identify charging locations on the map and see their details and avail­ab­ility
  • Check battery levels and remaining range* in real time.
  • Set alerts for critical battery levels and get notified when a vehicle needs to be charged.

Notific­a­tions and alerts

When a vehicle enters or leaves a designated area or when vehicles require maintenance, Webfleet sends an instant notific­ation to your dashboard.

wfs notifications
simple trips management

Simple trips management

Access previously recorded trip data by date for a single vehicle or the entire fleet. Check the start and finish points, the journey duration, the distance travelled and recorded trip/order details. Real-time odometer data is updated directly from the vehicle’s odometer. So, when the tax authorities make a request you know your reports are reliable.

Everything you need to control costs

As well as providing regular maintenance schedule alerts, Webfleet automat­ically notifies you when a vehicle shows sign of malfunction. This way, you can plan maintenance before a costly breakdown occurs. You can also monitor fuel consumption to identify abnormal usage and monitor tyre pressure to help prevent potential disruptions on the roads.

avg fuel consumption
mobile apps

Easy-to-use mobile apps

We’ve designed our mobile apps for intuitive use. For fleet managers, Webfleet Mobile helps them maintain control over their fleet operations while on the go. For drivers, the Webfleet Logbook mobile app helps manage trip admin­is­tration and modify all trip details, such as contact person and purpose of journey.

We’re already connected with some of the biggest OEM** (original equipment manufac­turer) automobile makers

Your cars, vans and/or light commercial vehicles may already be compatible with our OEM.connect solution.

Get a demo

Talk to our experts and find out if your vehicle is compatible.

Energy consumption/level Reports, automatic service reminders, and EV data are supported with the Webfleet ECO tariff
** OEM: original equipment manufac­turer are the official and genuine automotive components produced directly by your vehicle's maker.NOTE: The eligibility check process must be completed to fully confirm the connectivity for each Mercedes-Benz EV

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