LCV fleet management solutions

Get the most out of your LCVs with Webfleet

LCV fleet management solutions

Get the most out of your LCVs with Webfleet

Maximise the value of your light commercial vehicles (LCVs) while getting full visibility of your business. From planning your daily schedule to commu­nic­ating with your team on the road, Webfleet’s LCV solutions can help you optimise your fleet management. Grow your competitive advantage by operating more efficiently, providing excellent customer service and increasing safety.

LCV fleet solutions help you

Save on fuel

Coach drivers on greener, safer driving styles

Avoid traffic

Take the best routes with profes­sional navigation

Relieve driver stress

Simplify tasks with workflow management apps

Cut your premiums

Limit false claims with on-demand video proof

Reduce vehicle downtime

Digitise inspections to boost productivity

Eliminate EV range anxiety

Know when to go electric and how to optimise EV charging

Explore key features of our LCV solutions

Driver coaching for fuel efficiency

The OptiDrive 360 tool in Webfleet provides drivers with active feedback so they can adjust their performance in the moment. From your account dashboard, identify trends or anomalies in your fleet’s fuel consumption patterns. Analyse fuel use histor­ically as well as in real time.

See how Greencore improved mpg by 3.9% and reduced idling by 6.2%.

optidrive score with header
wf pro8375 route planning

Optimised route planning

Help your drivers bypass congested areas, closed roads and other obstacles with Profes­sional Navigation. Calculate the fastest route to your destination using live traffic information, including the ability to plan routes specifically for larger vehicles.

Digital workflow management

Reduce paperwork hassles and create efficiencies with Webfleet’s workflow management solutions. Driver terminals and digital tools help you and your drivers get more done. With the operations management app, you can manage your fleet remotely. Also, Webfleet APIs enable seamless integration with various business applic­a­tions, enhancing the effect­iveness of your workforce management solutions.

See how Telent reduced job allocation time by 80%, from 75 to 15 minutes.

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wf mobile order management
wf mobile customer satisfaction

Higher customer satis­faction

Make your customers even happier with reliable ETAs and order status. Use our order management tool to provide proof of delivery. Dynamic dispatching means you can schedule jobs efficiently to satisfy customer demands.

AI-powered video telematics

Understand the full context of road incidents and driving events. Webfleet Video is powered by AI technology, which identifies risky behaviour like mobile phone use and notifies drivers. Reduce false insurance claims with video proof.

See how Halfords invests in Webfleet Video to spearhead driver safety initiatives.

wf screeshot ev management

Clear EV pathways

Further your electri­fic­ation journey with EV management by Webfleet. Get insights on your full electri­fic­ation potential, whether you’re a small or large fleet. Know which vehicles could be replaced with electric models, analysing options per mileage and TCO.

See how Webfleet supports organic veg box supplier on route to electri­fic­ation.

Bundles for LCV fleets

Don’t know which products best fit your needs? Webfleet offers bundle solutions to give you everything you need in one package. A one-time install­ation minimises vehicle downtime, speeding up your return on investment.


Vehicle location and admin­is­tration

Access track and trace and hassle-free mileage log admin­is­tration for greater efficiency


Fuel saving and sustain­ab­ility

Reduce fuel consumption to improve operational efficiency and sustain­ab­ility


Efficiency and productivity

Optimise driver commu­nic­ation and end-to-end workflow management for enhanced performance

What can Webfleet do for your LCV fleet?

All you need to know about LCVs

What does LCV stand for?

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LCV stands for light commercial vehicle. In both the UK and the EU, an LCV is a class of vehicle weighing no more than 3.5 tonnes. In the transport sector, LCVs can be vans and light trucks. With their compact size, LCVs are commonly used to transport goods within a local area as well as between cities.

Why use fleet management for your LCV fleet?

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Fleet management solutions for your LCV fleet make it easier to save fuel, improve driving behaviour, provide great customer service and operate more efficiently. With vehicle tracking, for example, you can allocate jobs based on the nearest driver and send reliable ETAs to customers.

How does fleet management software for LCVs work?

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Fleet management software for LCVs helps businesses manage their fleet of vehicles efficiently. The software enables fleet managers to monitor vehicle locations, along with fuel consumption and driver performance. Real-time insights on working times and Remaining Driving Times help simplify job planning and compliance, increasing LCV fleet productivity and safety. Webfleet software is deployed by certified installers, which minimises downtime.

60,000 rely on Webfleet every day

8% decrease in driving time.
Bryan Campbell, Blackbourne Integrated M&E
Fuel cost savings of 22% were achieved.
Yvonne Thompson, WGM Engineering Group
20% rise in appointments.
Peter McGaddey, Matthew Algie

Product Showcase webinar series

Discover exactly how Webfleet products and services can help you to get your LCV fleet under control, from cutting costs and managing drivers to improving workflow and more. These short demon­stra­tions will help veterans and new users of telematics alike to see the latest fleet management innovations in action.

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