Driver Identi­fic­ation

Always know who is driving

When sharing vehicles amongst your personnel, Driver ID allows you to identify which employee is driving which car. You will know exactly how much time he spends on the road, on site or with your customer. And our solution not only provides a way to identify your drivers, but is also a terminal that provides drivers real-time feedback on their driving behavior.

Key benefits of driver identi­fic­ation

Get driver focused insights

Reduce admin­is­tration time and costs

Improve driving behaviour and reduce maintance costs

How driver identi­fic­ation works

Explained in 7 simple steps

1. Provide each driver with a unique personal RFID card.

2. A card reader to identify drivers is installed on the vehicle's dashboard along with a GPS tracking unit.

3. The driver scans the RFID card after vehicle ignition. Not scanning, results in a loud buzz sound.

4. The driver logs a trip as business, private or commute.

5. As of this moment working times and driving behaviour are automat­ically tracked and monitored.

6. The driver receives real-time feedback on driving behaviour.

7. Monitor all activities from the office in real-time and through scheduled reports and dashboards.

Getting started with driver identi­fic­ation

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Standard (incl. profes­sional navigation)

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