Remaining driving times

Real-time insights to help you stay compliant and optimise productivity

Webfleet delivers accurate, up-to-date remaining driving times, helping you and your drivers to stay compliant with regulations. Precise data on how many hours your drivers have left each day also enables your dispatchers to plan more effectively and efficiently.

Remaining Driving Times (RDT) helps you

Stay compliant with drivers’ hours regulation

Make your dispatching process more flexible and productive

Lower the risk of penalties and fines

The key features

All the data you need in one place

Your drivers’ daily and weekly RDT, breaks and rest periods, infringement indicators and the allowed exceptions are clearly displayed in Webfleet. This means you make informed decisions based on easily comparable information.

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social infringement with map

Timely warnings

Every social infringement triggers a notific­ation. Your dispatcher gets informed early, allowing them to notify the driver before it turns into a larger, costlier infringement.

Automated for accuracy

With Webfleet automating the recording of driving times, you don’t need to manually call a driver to get RDT data. No more worries about getting inaccurate information or distracting your team from their core tasks.

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Adapt it to your local rules

While Webfleet calculates drivers’ hours based on EU regulation (EC) No 561/2006 by default, you can also choose to calculate by the Working Time Directive and other local regulations².

Know how far your drivers can go

Webfleet’s Remaining Driving Distance feature shades an area on the map showing the maximum distance a vehicle can go. Taking into consid­er­ation the driver’s RDT, current traffic, vehicle type, vehicle dimensions and vehicle load type when available, it helps prevent you setting unrealistic tasks when you plan ad-hoc.

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Use it with a 3rd party system

Do you have a transport management system or ERP from another provider? No problem. RDT data from Webfleet is easily available to use in third party solutions thanks to WEBFLEET.connect API.

How it works

Webfleet uses live digital tachograph information to calculate RDTs and rest periods for each driver.

The RDT value is also regularly corrected with data downloads from the Driver Card and Vehicle Unit1. This allows corrections to be made for work completed outside the vehicle and manually entered to the tachograph, as well as any other inaccuracies.

You can rest assured you’re getting accurate, up-to-date RDTs that factor in all tachograph data, helping you avoid penalties for marginal infringe­ments.

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1This is only available with our Tachograph Manager Plus or TachoShare Plus solutions.2Avail­ab­ility is subject to country.

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