Dash cam solutions for your fleet

Increase fleet safety and reduce claims with a dashcam and Webfleet Video

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Dash cam solutions for your fleet

Increase fleet safety and reduce claims with a dashcam and Webfleet Video

With dash cam footage and driving data from your fleet, Webfleet Video gives you the full context of road incidents and driving events. The fleet dash cam uses AI technology to identify risky behaviour like mobile phone use or tailgating and notifies the driver in real time. This way, they can take timely action to avoid danger or damage. Also, you get full control over camera config­ur­ation to help meet the privacy needs of your drivers and business.

An integrated fleet dash cam helps you

Gain full independent intel into critical events

Increase safety, prevent accidents, and reduce claims frequency

Lower insurance premiums and the cost of claims

Protect your drivers and fleet against false or incorrect claims

Coach your drivers better to improve safety

Enhance fleet efficiency and save time

Key features

Get the full context

HD dashcam video footage is displayed alongside driving data from your fleet like GPS location, driver and speed. You will have the context you need to understand the situation and see what happened. This data gives you deeper, clearer insight into critical events on the road.

fleet dashboard camera images
AI alert of seatbelt
AI alert of eating or drinking while driving
AI alert of smoke
AI alert of tailgating
AI alert of driving and using phone

Intelligent in-cab feedback

The fleet dash cam uses artificial intel­li­gence (AI) to identify certain risky driving habits like being distracted, falling asleep, smoking or following too close. When this happens, the camera notifies the driver with a visual and audio alert. They can then take action to correct their course and avoid danger.1

Automatic event uploads

Driving events (e.g. harsh braking), AI events (e.g. mobile phone use, smoking), and alert button events are retrieved and uploaded automat­ically from the device and displayed in the Webfleet account. Here you have an overview of all the moments the AI dash cam identified a risk, with the driver data and the video of what happened.2

Webfleet dashcam driving events
desktop video on demand popup Webfleet

On-demand retrieval

You can request dash camera video from historic trips to review footage3. This helps you verify or disprove complaints from customers or members of the public.

Live streaming

Instantly view live footage from either the road or driver­-facing cameras in your fleet to support your drivers in difficult situations based on the recording.4

fleet manager reviewing dash cam data
ev van driver installed dash cam

Privacy by design

The solution is designed with privacy at the top of mind. You take full control over config­ur­ation, including the behaviour of the driver­-facing camera, video retention period and dedicated access rights in Webfleet.

All you need to know about dash cameras

What is a fleet dash camera and how does it differ to consumer dash cameras?

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A fleet dashboard camera, also called a fleet dash camera, is a camera that can be attached inside a vehicle to record what happens when it’s on the road. Dash cameras can be both road and driver­-facing.

Consumer dash cameras are low-cost and targeted towards individuals. Due to limited function­ality, they’re not suitable for fleet use.

Commercial fleet dash cams are durable and designed for profes­sional use. Some other ways in which they’re more suited for fleets include:

  • GDPR compliant
  • Automatic download of relevant footage
  • Remote access for live view and config­ur­ation
  • Supports additional cameras
  • Tamper­-res­istant
  • Commer­cial-grade SD card
  • Incident prevention through AI technology
  • Hardwired for profes­sional install­ation

How does a fleet dash camera work?

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A fleet dash camera starts recording when the vehicle is powered and in motion.

Road-facing dash cams can provide clear evidence of what happens on the road and around the vehicle. Some driver­-facing fleet dash cams use AI technology to detect various types of risky driving behaviors such as being distracted, cell phone usage, eating, drinking and eyes not on the road. They can send an alert to the driver and signal them to correct their driving to help prevent accidents.

Dash camera recordings work together with a fleet management solution, using data such as time, location and speed to help companies determine the cause of road incidents and protect drivers against false claims.

Why should fleets use a fleet dash camera system?

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Video evidence

  • Video recordings can act as an objective witness when a road incident happens. It provides evidence of what happens in a collision and can drastically reduce liability costs.

Fewer insurance claims and lower premiums

  • Video footage can help fleets and insurers decide whether to contest or settle a claim.
  • Insurance companies often give discounts on premiums if companies have fleet dash cameras installed in their vehicles.

Safety driving and accident prevention

  • Fleet dash camera systems can help drivers correct dangerous driving habits and avoid accidents.
  • In-vehicle cameras often lead to more careful driving, as drivers are more aware that there will be evidence in case an accident occurs.

What are the benefits of using fleet dash cameras?

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Increased safety and lower claims

  • Recordings can protect you against fraudulent claims and help you avoid overpaying on 50/50 insurance claims.
  • Fleet dash cameras equipped with AI technology can alert drivers to risky driving behaviour and help prevent accidents and claims.

Clear insight into critical events

  • Footage from fleet dash cameras with GPS and other driving data can give you a complete picture of your fleet.
  • Live streaming means you can act immediately when an incident occurs.

Enhanced fleet efficiency

  • Confirm the validity and accuracy of claims with clear video evidence.
  • As driving behaviour improves, vehicle damage, incidents and downtime can all be more effectively reduced.

How do I integrate a fleet dash camera to the Webfleet Video platform?

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Webfleet Video works with the CAM 50 dash camera. If you subscribe to Webfleet's fleet management platform, you can integrate the CAM 50 - just activate Webfleet Video as an additional service from within your account. The CAM 50 fleet dash cam is already integrated with GPS.

How do I install the fleet dash camera to my fleet's vehicles?

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The CAM 50 fleet dash cam comes with a hardware kit for install­ation. Your install­ation kit includes a hardwire cable, add-a-fuse kit and fuse cap. The CAM 50 comes with a detachable mount, making it easy to remove the fleet dash cam for compliance or security. You can install up to four additional cameras wirelessly.

How can I download the videos from the fleet dash cam?

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You can access on-demand video retrievals for 90 days within Webfleet. To download and review videos of events, simply request dash camera video from previous trips and reference the event time and position.

How can a fleet dash camera enhance fleet efficiency?

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Safety is the first principle of fleet efficiency. A fleet dash camera supports safety with footage that can help drivers improve their performance behind the wheel. Safer driving leads to a lower likelihood of accidents, not to mention downtime. Since it provides video evidence, a fleet dash cam can help you reduce false claims and insurance premiums.

How does a fleet dashcam empower my drivers?

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Most accidents (roughly 90%) result from human error, especially distrac­tions. Using artificial intel­li­gence, dashcams register distrac­tions such as texting or smoking. The dashcam then notifies drivers with audio-visual alerts, empowering them to adjust their driving behaviour in real time.

Advanced camera with the service of your choice

The CAM 50 is a premium dash camera especially for fleets. This camera has different kinds of services, these are among other things:

HD quality and night vision

Built-in infrared LEDs to enable driver­-facing night vision recording

Robust storage

Commercial grade 128GB SD card provides up to 100 hours5 of video

Multi-camera support

Up to four additional cameras can be connected wirelessly

AI support

Artificial intel­li­gence (AI) event capture technology built into device

Tamper alert

Backup battery protects against power loss and notifies you when the camera is discon­nected from power

Detachable mount

Remove the dash cam from the windscreen for security or to comply with legislation


Want to get full visibility into critical events, keep your drivers safe and reduce the cost and frequency of insurance claims? Book a demo and find out how the dash cam solution with the combination of CAM 50 and Webfleet Video safeguard your fleet.

fleet dash cam solution cam50 and Webfleet Video

1 Available with Webfleet Video Plus or Webfleet Video Live subscription.

2 Once events are retrieved from the device, they are available in Webfleet for 90 days.

3 When the footage is still available on the internal storage of the camera.

4 Available when the camera is powered, moving and has cellular network (3G/4G) coverage. Driver alert available to notify when live streaming is active.

5 It will automat­ically overwrite once it has reached capacity.


  • Fair usage policy will apply for data consumption.
  • Webfleet Video is designed to make compliant use simple. The customer, however, remains responsible for ensuring they use it in a compliant manner.

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