TomTom WORK unveils real-time display of digital tachograph data

Leipzig – November 4, 2009: TomTom WORK, the division of TomTom dedicated to commercial vehicle fleets, today unveils the integration of real-time digital tachograph data in WEBFLEET. By having the driving and resting times for drivers or co-drivers delivered live to the office, dispatchers will be able to schedule jobs more efficiently and dynamically, as well as run more reliable reports that improve business efficiencies.

Dynamic dispatch
In the dynamic environment that transport companies operate in, jobs change and frequently need to be rescheduled. However, the driving and resting time directives for both drivers and co-drivers are also key factors in determining job assignments. Thanks to the new live display of tachograph data on the driving, resting and working time of drivers, dispatchers will have greater insight in assigning jobs based on information such as the remaining driving time of a particular driver.

Work time reporting
Transport companies can also use the tachograph data from WEBFLEET as a reliable source for reporting on working time. Previously, it could take days or even weeks to get access to tachograph information as most companies obtain the data once the vehicle returns from its assignment. Now, with the ability to read tachograph information immediately, it can be used to significantly improve important administrative tasks linked to working time.

Access to all the real-time and historical data is provided via TomTom WORK's WEBFLEET.connect web-based service. To fully leverage the real-time tachograph data for their business needs the information can be integrated into a company's back end systems. This opens up a wide range of possibilities for third parties to develop fully integrated and customised solutions. The working time data can feed straight into the payroll system for faster payouts of salary and the driving/ resting time logs can be offset against the legislative directives, for a real-time compliancy check.

Tachograph data is at the heart of business administration for transport companies says Michael Geffroy, Vice President of Sales, TomTom WORK. By integrating this feature into WEBFLEET, TomTom WORK is further strengthening its portfolio to meet the needs of transport companies

The display of digital tachograph data is available as part of the TomTom WORK Active solution. The updated TomTom WORK Active solution provides a complete Connected Navigation service through the combination of the TomTom GO 7000, WEBFLEET and TomTom LINK 300. This is a smart combination of navigation, two-way communication, tracking and tracing, order management and reporting.

Pricing and availability
Digital tachograph support for VDO DTCO will be made available in Q4 09 for existing and new customers. A specific subscription to WEBFLEET is required.

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