Actionable Insights: Fuel Card Reporting Integration with WEBFLEET

This week, TomTom Telematics USA is announcing full fuel card reporting integration with our WEBFLEET system. By making all fuel-related data – from fueling location, cost, gallons and fuel type to miles driven, idling and speed –in one system, WEBFLEET empowers users to be in complete control of their fuel usage.

Now, WEBFLEET integrates data from your fuel card provider to deliver actionable insights on factors like:

  • When and where the fuel card was used
  • Total costs of fuel purchases
  • Amount of fuel purchased
  • Fuel type
  • Fuel card usage exceptions to detect potential misuse

By comparing fuel purchases with data available in WEBFLEET, we are able to flag suspicious activities. Triggers can include:

  • The locations of the fuel card purchases and the vehicle differ
  • The vehicle did not move before and/or after the time the fuel was purchased
  • Fuel purchased was more than the fuel tank capacity of the vehicle
  • The fuel type (e.g. gasoline or diesel) did not correspond for the vehicle
  • Fuel consumption for a particular vehicle does not match mileage and jobs

Current TomTom Telematics customer Star Towing was able to use WEBFLEET data to uncover employee fraud and take action. One truck in particular seemed to be getting much lower gas mileage. The next time the driver indicated that he would be filling up, company owner Jim Sottile tracked the truck using WEBFLEET. While the driver was clearly at the gas station, he was about 600 feet away from the pump. It turned out that the employee was filling up a competitor’s truck for cash. Using the data from the TomTom system, Sottile was able to catch the employee in the act and provide law enforcement with proof.

With fuel card data fully integrated into the system, WEBFLEET can now flag these incidents automatically – saving our customers money and providing peace of mind.

OptiDrive 360 already provides real-time data that helps to improve driving habits. The system provides both fleet managers and drivers with insights and alerts on speeding, harsh steering or braking, idling, fuel consumption, coasting and gear shifting. OptiDrive even provides recommendations on optimal driving speed based on the speed limit and fuel efficiency of the vehicle. As a result, companies can get a much better handle on their fuel usage – and control driving habits that can impact fuel efficiency. Combining OptiDrive with WEBFLEET and fuel card integration can deliver unprecedented levels of visibility into fuel usage and transactions for companies of any size, delivering actionable intelligence that saves money.

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