Connected fleet management boosts mpg by 12 per cent for Strata Logistics

London, 14 April 2021 - Strata Logistics has seen its fleet mpg soar by 12 per cent thanks to connected technology introduced to improve productivity, driver behaviour and tachograph compliance.

The Letchworth-based haulier’s integrated solution combines Webfleet Solutions’ fleet management platform WEBFLEET, connected cameras from VisionTrack, TDi Software’s TransMaS traffic management system and disc-check tachograph software.

WEBFLEET’s OptiDrive 360 functionality highlights dangerous or inefficient driving, profiling drivers based on incidents such as harsh braking, sharp cornering or speeding. VisionTrack’s connected cameras, meanwhile, provide associated video evidence for every event.

The improvement in our average fuel consumption has been helped in no small part by a 75 per cent reduction in speeding and a 50 per cent drop in vehicle idling incidents, said Paul White, Managing Director, Strata Logistics.

We also expect our maintenance spend to fall as we experience less wear and tear on vehicle components, such as tyres and brakes.

By using a single software interface, Strata has also streamlined its workflow management and seen a significant reduction in fleet admin time.

Jobs can now be scheduled dynamically, with daily job itineraries sent to drivers via Webfleet Solutions’ PRO 8375 TRUCK ruggedized terminals. As jobs are accepted by Strata’s drivers, the system automatically provides truck-specific navigation instructions and accurate ETAs, meaning customers can be notified when their deliveries are due to arrive.

We had previously relied heavily on manual planning, but the introduction of the integrated WEBFLEET and TransMaS solution has been revolutionary, White added.

We have seen fantastic gains in productivity and now have full visibility over our entire operation.

In addition, the combination of WEBFLEET TachoShare with TDi’s disc-check is making life easier for Strata to remain compliant with tachograph regulations.

TachoShare has taken responsibility away from the company’s drivers by automating the remote download of driver card and vehicle unit data, saving them time through reduced administration. Disc-check then simplifies back office analysis and reporting, helping to monitor and reduce the likelihood of future infringements.

Strata Logistics’ investment in the fleet management solution was supported by TDi Software, an official Webfleet Solutions partner.

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