Webfleet EV Transition Tool

The smart way to go electric

Plan your fleet electri­fic­ation easily with your own data. The Webfleet EV Transition Tool easily identifies vehicles from your fleet to switch to electric vehicles and estimates your savings in fuel and CO2. Get in the EV transition tool an estimation of your total cost of ownership (TCO) and access actionable insights on recom­mend­a­tions of the best-fit EV model to cover your daily mileage. In the tool you will also find pointers on which charging infra­structure is required to go electric, and solutions provided by our network of partners.

Webfleet’s EV Transition Tool helps you

Quick read of EV potential

Easily identify which fleet vehicles could go electric and estimate the savings in CO2 and fuel

Customised TCO

Estimate your TCO with your own fleet data

Plan charging infra­structure

Know the required number of charge points and where to install them

Self-paced report

Follow guided questions to customise your analysis to the reality of your business

EV model insights

See pricing and real life range for EV models available in your country

Quotation from our partners

Get a quote for chargers, install­ation services and others solutions from preferred partners in our network

Key features of Webfleet EV Transition Tool

Estimate your CO2 and fuel savings

Check what are going to be your savings in fuel and CO2 emissions if you go electric. Get an accurate estimation with this tool based on your real fuel consumption and your fleet’s historical mileage.

ev transition tool co2
ev transition tool tco

Compre­hensive TCO snapshot

View a quick summary of your potential to go electric. Understand the financial impacts, possible savings and estimated investments for a transition — all on one screen of the EV transition tool.

Gain insights on the suitable EVs for your business

For all the vehicles that could be switched, explore within the transition tool a variety of models from leading brands available in your country. Compare real-life vehicle range, battery size, and energy consumption based on your usual mileage. Check average vehicle prices and calculate your breakeven point effort­lessly.

ev transition tool vehicle data
ev transition tool vehicle data

Gain insights into your charging infra­structure

Identify hotspots on the map where your vehicles park for longer periods, see the closest public chargers in the area, and get a recom­mend­ation of where to install private chargers. Learn the estimated number of charging points required to go electric, based on your fleet’s size.

Direct quotation from suppliers

Want a quotation for chargers or install­ation services from our industry-leading partners? Choose to share your results with a preferred supplier from our extensive partner network in one click, all within the EV transition tool..

ev transition tool partner list

Trusted EV services partners

Become an EV partner

Boost your earnings promoting your offer in the EV Transition Tool

Get quote requests from our customers and be part of our EV partner program with recognized brands supporting the transition to electric.

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What our customers have to say

Riverford has always had sustainability at its heart, and the health of people and planet is a top priority for us. With Webfleet, we’re putting this into action by helping to take the stress out of anticipating charging needs for our drivers.
James Welton, Fleet Manager, Riverford Organic Farmers

Book a call with an EV expert

Not sure which of your ICE vehicles could be replaced with EVs in a cost-ef­fective manner?

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