Fleet sustain­ab­ility and electric vehicles

Measure and reduce your CO2

Fleet sustain­ab­ility and electric vehicles

Measure and reduce your CO2

Sustainable fleet or profitable business? Let’s do both. By connecting your vehicles to Webfleet, you get the visibility needed to measure and reduce your fleet’s CO₂ emissions. Whether you want to go electric or coach your drivers to use less fuel, we have the tools to make it happen.

Explore our fleet sustain­ab­ility solutions

EV fleet management

EV fleet management

Get the most value from your Electric vehicles

Green and safe driving

Green and safe driving

Support sustainable and safe driving

Fuel efficiency

Fuel efficiency

Leverage digital solutions to save fuel and cut emissions

Webfleet gives you the power to

Reduce your CO2 emissions

save fuel and reduce your impact on the planet

Go electric efficiently

and manage EVs smoothly once they’re in your fleet

Comply with CSRD

and report to authorities and customers as required

Keep vehicles in fuel-ef­fi­cient

condition with scheduled maintenance

Stay on the best routes and out of traffic

for better service and less stress

Extend the lifetime of your tyres

with our Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Choose the right solutions for your business

Driving behaviour and coaching

Use our OptiDrive 360 tool to give drivers real-time tips on safer, more fuel-ef­fi­cient driving. Analyse how driving performance influences fuel consumption, along with vehicle emissions. Take action to reduce emissions, avoid downtime and prevent accidents.

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EV fleet management

Find out which vehicles could be switched with an electric model with our fleet electri­fic­ation report. Then, monitor all your vehicle types on one user-friendly platform - track range, energy consumption, charging status and more, for a reliable operation.

Learn more about EV fleet management⁠

Vehicle maintenance

Plan maintenance and service tasks based on real-time mileage or engine hours to keep your costs down and your vehicles fuel efficient. Alerts let you know about diagnostic or engine trouble, and related maintenance tasks are automat­ically scheduled.

Learn more about vehicle maintenance⁠
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Profes­sional navigation

Reduce your CO2 emissions by staying on the fastest routes. With profes­sional navigation, you can also optimise route planning and order management. Live traffic updates make it easier to avoid slowdowns like traffic jams, construction zones and bad weather.

Learn more about profes­sional navigation⁠

Want to make a positive climate impact? Let’s Green Your Fleet!

Calculate your CO2 in minutes with our handy tool. Then, find out how you can join our partnership with Justdiggit to re-green drylands in Africa.

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What you need to know about fleet sustain­ab­ility

What is fleet sustain­ab­ility?

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In fleet management, sustain­ab­ility means reaching business and operational goals without comprom­ising the welfare and safety of future generations. This may require businesses to look beyond the short-term effect of an action and prioritise the long-term impact. A sustainable fleet management strategy will often include things like reducing fuel consumption, becoming more transparent about the levels of CO2 you produce and encouraging more conscien­tious driving behaviour.

Why is sustain­ab­ility important for fleets?

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Managing your fleet in a sustainable way is not just good for the planet — it’s also good for your business. As well as ensuring you stay compliant with both current and upcoming regulation regarding things like CO2 emissions, it also helps efficiently keep things like fuel costs and vehicle wear and tear under control. Simply, a more sustainable fleet is a more future-proof fleet.

What are the benefits of taking sustainable action for businesses?

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Sustain­ab­ility is in everybody’s interests. Conscien­tiously managing the planet’s resources and minimising the negative impact we have on the ecosystem is something we will all benefit from. However, there are many specific advantages that a business gets by running more sustainably — from staying compliant with regulation to lowering costs in key areas to maintaining a positive reputation in the market.

How can Webfleet help businesses be more envir­on­mentally responsible?

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While businesses today understand the need to run more sustainably, taking action is not so simple. How do you know where in your fleet ecosystem to make changes that will effectively reduce your envir­on­mental impact without critically harming productivity? Webfleet enables you to answer that question with clear visibility over your entire fleet operation, accurate data and reporting and market leading tools so you can take effective, measurable action.

Which businesses benefit from Webfleet's sustainable solutions?

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Any business of any size that uses vehicles as a core part of its operation can rely on Webfleet’s solutions to run more sustainably.

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