Vehicle Telematics Leaders Geotab and Webfleet Solutions Join Forces to Launch New Commercial Mobility Recovery Dashboard

Dashboard shows fleet activity in Europe dropped lower during COVID-19 pandemic than in North America (64% vs. 80%) but is recovering faster, offering an indication of each region’s general business activity

Toronto, Canada/Amsterdam, Netherlands – May 27, 2020

Webfleet Solutions and Geotab, the global leaders in connected transportation, mobility and telematics, today announced the launch of the Commercial Mobility Recovery Dashboard. The dashboard analyzes data from more than 3 million connected vehicles around the world to help visualize the impact of COVID-19 on commercial vehicle activity and support strategic recovery efforts. By combining their data analytics, the two companies aim to offer a greater level of insight that can help empower and inform decision making of businesses and governments as they continue to navigate the effects of COVID-19.

Examining commercial vehicle activity across countries in Europe and North America, including the USA, Germany and the UK, the dashboard provides insight into the movement of essential commercial vehicles throughout the two continents. Additionally, users can leverage the dashboard to understand how specific industries have been impacted, such as construction, business services and transport logistics. Commercial transportation activity is measured weekly against pre-COVID-19 baseline levels to provide an indicator of the state of the industry.

According to the Commercial Mobility Recovery Dashboard, commercial vehicle activity in Europe dropped by as much as 36% since the beginning of the pandemic, whereas North American commercial vehicle activity only dropped by 20% at its lowest point. At launch, the dashboard depicts that last week, excluding holidays, commercial vehicle activity in Europe (May 18 – 20) reached 86% of its normal activity levels while respectively, commercial vehicle activity in North America (May 19 – 22) was operating at 90%. Other key insights include:

Other key insights include:

  • Faster recovery rates in Europe, with commercial vehicle activity increasing more rapidly from its lowest point compared to North America.
  • A steady increase in commercial vehicle activity in Europe, excluding weekends and holidays, with an increase of 4.6% in commercial vehicle activity as determined by examining activity levels from May 11-15 to May 18-20.
  • An increase in North American commercial vehicle activity of 2.2% over the same two week period, excluding weekends and bank holidays.
  • Since the beginning of May, fleet activity within the Construction and Freight Transportation industries are operating at or above the pre-pandemic baseline in Canada while fleet activity in these same industries in the U.S. has only begun to reach baseline levels over the past week.

As the world faces unprecedented challenges, it is now more important than ever to embrace open collaboration that supports our communities, said Thomas Schmidt, CEO/Managing Director, Webfleet Solutions. Partnering with Geotab on this joint initiative not only brings together two leaders in the fleet management space but enables us to provide deeper data-driven insights into the current economic health of countries across Europe and North America. This will not only help support our customers to get their businesses back on the road but also governments and decision makers as they plan this new path to recovery.

As industries, businesses, countries and cities begin to explore and enact their post-COVID-19 strategies, commercial transportation activity can and should be used as a key indicator of economic health, said Neil Cawse, CEO, Geotab. Together with Webfleet Solutions, we are uniquely positioned to leverage and analyze our data for the greater good and provide rich data analyses like never before for our collective customers and communities alike. This dashboard not only serves as a tool for COVID-19 recovery efforts but reflects the power of connected vehicle data as an essential tool to support unified, global recovery efforts across oceans, borders and industries.

The Commercial Mobility Recovery Dashboard analyzes aggregated and anonymized data from over 3 million connected vehicles from more than 100,000 combined Geotab and Webfleet Solutions fleet customers including last mile delivery, long-haul heavy trucks and emergency and first responder vehicles. Beginning next week, the dashboard will continue to provide weekly updates on the state of commercial transportation activity across both Europe and North America for the foreseeable future.

For more information and to view the dashboard please visit: Commercial Mobility Recovery Dashboard

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