TomTom WORK helps keep the fish fresh

24 November 2008: The use of a connected navigation system from TomTom WORK is ensuring the delivery of fish in its freshest possible condition to hotels, restaurants and fishmongers across Hampshire, West Sussex, Dorset and the Isle of Wight.

Solent Fish, the largest wholesaler in the area, has installed the ACTIVE solution from TomTom WORK to manage its fleet of six delivery vans. This is based on TomTom WORK WEBFLEET, TomTom WORK's web-based on-line vehicle tracking and tracing system that lies at the heart of the ACTIVE connected navigation system.

TomTom WORK WEBFLEET receives data from a tracking device called TomTom LINK 300 fitted to each vehicle, enabling the office to know the precise location of each vehicle at all times. A TomTom GO navigation device provides the driver with both navigation and instant two-way messaging.

The TomTom GO unit has an integrated GPRS modem and built-in SIM card and is Bluetooth compatible. Instructions are sent from the company's base through the TomTom GO unit, and touch-screen technology enables the driver to instantly and safely confirm his/her acceptance of the task. Once a task is accepted, the TomTom GO unit provides directions by the shortest route using clear voice instructions and easy-to-follow maps.

Since installing the system, Solent Fish has seen a significant improvement in delivery performance resulting from better control over the fleet, and the ability of the satellite navigation feature to direct the driver to a destination by the shortest route. Because the system also provides live traffic information, drivers can avoid hold-ups and use shortcuts to keep off congested major trunk roads.

Knowing where each van is at all times, and being able to communicate with the driver instantly, is also helping to keep customers better informed. The office can provide accurate information about when a delivery can be expected and, where required, can redirect a driver to make an ad-hoc delivery or change the sequence of deliveries.

Director at Solent Fish, Ian Griffiths says: We are extremely pleased with the system and the support we have received from TomTom WORK. It has helped to improve our customer service levels and delivered other benefits too.

The sat nav makes the driver's day easier because they simply follow the directions issued by the TomTom GO unit in the vehicle. This takes a lot of pressure off them, which, combined with the touch screen system, must help to improve their safety on the road and cut mobile phone costs. It also helps to identify when a vehicle is being used for private purposes, which is contributing to savings in fuel consumption.

The company is also able to use TomTom WORK WEBFLEET to produce a range of useful reports that help it manage its vehicles and staff more effectively. These can cover vehicle utilisation, working hours, and trip reports.

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