Webfleet Solutions introduces next-generation PRO Driver Terminal offering fleet management with Google™ Services

  • The new PRO 8475 Driver Terminal is equipped with advanced hardware technologies that enable fleet operators to improve workflow efficiency, enhance customer service and boost productivity.
  • With best-in-class truck navigation using TomTom LIVE traffic data, the PRO 8 enables to determine the most suitable routes and accurate estimated times of arrival.
  • With its superior ruggedness, the versatile premium tablet assists the professional driver inside and outside the vehicle.

Amsterdam, 18 February 2021 - Webfleet Solutions, one of the world’s leading telematics providers and part of Bridgestone, is introducing its upgraded PRO Driver Terminal: the PRO 8475. Equipped with advanced technologies, including LTE connectivity and Google™ Services, the versatile premium tablet supports drivers and fleet managers to bring their workflow efficiency to new heights.

In combination with WEBFLEET, Webfleet Solutions’ award-winning fleet management software, the PRO Driver Terminal connects drivers and businesses. It combines a range of essential features in one device, including order management and two-way communication between drivers and fleet managers, OptiDrive 360, which empowers drivers to improve driving performance with visual and audio feedback, and automatic recording of working time and mileage registration, which helps fleets to comply with legislation and policy.

With its superior ruggedness and best-in-class navigation, the PRO 8475 is designed for both in-vehicle and outdoor usage. It’s drop-proof, break-resistant, shock-proof, UV-resistant, vibration-proof, dust and water protected. That makes it suitable for drivers that need to handle the device many times per day in potentially harsh terrain and conditions for long periods of time.

With the PRO 8 Driver Terminal, our aim is to offer the perfect companion for drivers, says Paul Verheijen, Vice President Product Management at Webfleet Solutions. The updated and improved PRO 8475 is adapted to suit the needs of our customers, helping them leverage smart data and supporting them to reach their goals easily, quickly and efficiently.

The PRO 8475 Driver Terminal at-a-glance:

  • Versatile and future-proof tablet for tailored usage and control: Equipped with Google™ Services including push notifications to enhance seamless communication and access to the Google Play™ store including standard Google Apps™ (such as Chrome™, Gmail™, Google Maps™). Wireless connectivity with LTE supports fast download speeds, as well as Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® and NFC/RFID for wireless communication and professional use.
  • Best-in-class truck navigation using a complex network of TomTom LIVE traffic data and advanced algorithms to determine the most suitable routes and accurate estimated times of arrival (ETAs). Preinstalled maps are also available for offline usage.
  • Fleet management functionality in combination with WEBFLEET: Seamless messaging and order management is supported between drivers and the back office. Working time and mileage registration can be effectively managed, while in-vehicle driver coaching and driving behaviour feedback is provided by OptiDrive 360.
  • Robust hardware design optimised for both in-vehicle and outdoor usage: 7-inch high-quality screen with low reflections in a resistant rugged housing that is protected against drops, water, dust, shocks, vibrations and more. The device operates reliably outside the vehicle with high levels of endurance.
  • Best-in-class cradle for easy docking with versatile connection ports in a compact size.

To learn more about the PRO 8475, please visit the PRO8475 product page.

To view the product video please visit our Youtube channel.

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