It took 15 minutes to set up and it is so easy to use. The TowBook/Webfleet integration is the best I’ve seen.

The Company

The Company

S&R Towing was established in 1985 by owners Steve Dugan and Rusty Russell with only one tow truck. Today the company has a 45-truck fleet, nine locations and is one of the largest towing and recovery operations in Southern California. S&R Towing’s success can be attributed to its investment in the best equipment and personnel to provide customers with professional, reliable, timely service at a competitive price.

The Challenge

The Challenge

S&R Towing averages between 75 and 100 tows a day across its locations and serves a large rural population. With a large area and distances to travel, the company depends on its dispatch and fleet management technology to allow it to communicate effectively with its drivers and customers. S&R has long relied on fleet tracking, and adopted Webfleet in 2015.

The Solution

The Solution

S&R Towing has been a happy Webfleet customer since day one. However, it has struggled to find the same kind of relationship with a dispatch vendor. Dispatch is critical business software. We’ve tried three different software vendors, says Rusty Russell, co-owner of S&R Towing.

S&R recently adopted TowBook. Rusty loves the simplicity of TowBook’s integration with Webfleet. It took 15 minutes to set up and it is so easy to use. The TowBook/Webfleet integration is the best I’ve seen. In the past we would have to put the customer on hold, call up the driver, get their location and an estimated ETA. Now, that information is available in both systems. We can dispatch the closest vehicle and give our customer a precise ETA, says Rusty.

Rusty notes he’s always able to depend on Webfleet. The team at Webfleet has never let me down. Webfleet has offered an integration into every dispatch software solution I’ve tried. Our Webfleet sales rep was always willing to work with me to source the right vendor partner and the right dispatch application for our business. He always had our best interests in mind.

S&R has recently implemented rear and driver camera systems for its towing vehicles. It’s early days, but the combination of Webfleet and the cameras recently caught an incident of reckless driving. Rusty explains, I received a Webfleet alert that one of my drivers was doing 40 MPH on a dirt road. I pulled up camera footage and he was clearly driving dangerously. I was able to call the driver right away and correct that behavior. Let’s just say he’ll never be doing that again.

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1 It is possible that the device the customer uses has been phased out and has now been replaced by its successor

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