Enhance driver performance across your fleet with driver identi­fic­ation and real-time feedback

Optimised for

Can connect to LINK 710, LINK 740LINK CAN Sensor 100 (LCS 100).

  • Identify drivers with RFID and remind them to log in with a built-in buzzer
  • Automate working time regis­tration, including clock-ins, clock-outs and driver breaks
  • Log trip purpose as business/private/commute
  • Analyse driver performance and provide real-time coaching
  • Switch the background theme to light, dark or auto (adapts to daylight)
Connect with LCS 100 to monitor fuel consumption
Book TPMS feature to get a tyre pressure alarm


2.8” colour touchscreen

Create a more efficient interaction with a TFT/IPS vibrant screen

RFID support

Identify employees with RFID scans and automatic log-off upon trip completion

Log-in alert

Ensure mandatory driver log-ins with a built-in buzzer

Working time

Simplify compliance, streamline invoicing and record breaks effort­lessly with a single tap


Categorise trips as business, private or commute with a single click

Real-time driving feedback

Enhance fleet performance with real-time, in-cab coaching and audible alerts


pro i login screen dark

Identify your drivers

Remind drivers to present their RFID card at the beginning of a trip and automat­ically log them out at the end of a trip, to enhance overall management efficiency.

If the tachograph is connected, working time will be automat­ically synchronised and drivers must identify themselves by scanning either a 'driver' or 'co-driver' tachograph card.

Provide real-time feedback

Empower your drivers to continu­ously improve their performance with real-time feedback and coaching tips that enable them to promptly adjust their driving behaviours.

Log trip purpose

Label each trip according to its purpose, be it for business, commuting or personal use. Stream­lining the reporting process with a simple click helps reduce admin­is­trative burdens for drivers.

Monitor working time

Driver logs systematise time tracking to ensure compliance and facilitate invoicing. Drivers initiate their work using RFID technology, and they simply tap the touchscreen to record breaks or conclude their shifts.

Track fuel consumption

Access real-time fuel consumption data to oversee your fleet's fuel efficiency. Monitor key performance indicators such as idling and gear shifting to assist your drivers in adopting a more eco-friendly and safer driving style.

Monitor tyre pressure

Avoid flat tyres with our Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). Receive on-screen alerts when tyre pressures are low, providing a timely notific­ation to the driver for a safer and more comfortable driving experience.

Get OptiDrive scores

​Motivate your drivers to continually improve their driving habits with OptiDrive 360 scores. Utilise insights from key indicators, including speeding, fuel consumption, idling, driving events, green speed, constant speed, coasting and gear shifting to monitor and enhance overall driving performance.

Anonymise private trips

Enhance your driver's privacy by disabling location-sharing during private trips. A visual indicator on the device during private trips assures drivers that their location is not shared on the Webfleet platform.

Technical specific­a­tions

Screen Size2.8-inch color touch screen
Dimensions112.5 mm x 60 mm x 11.2 mm
DisplayColour TFT/IPS trans­missive - 320 x 240 Pixel
Protection classIP 20
Operating temperature-20 °C to +70 °C
WeightDevice including cable, 126 g
Supply voltage12 V / 24 V (min 9 V to max 30 V)
RFID interfaces13.56MHz (ISO14443A compliant) / 125kHz (Hitag / EM4100)
OptionalMonitor fuel consumption (LCS 100 required)

Optional accessories


Webfleet dashboard mount

Any install­ation mount compatible with the AMPS industry standard can be connected to the PRO i and PRO 2020 adapter*

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