Dynamic Dispatching

Send jobs to the best placed driver

WEBFLEET - Dynamic dispatchingWEBFLEET - Dynamic dispatchingWEBFLEET - Dynamic dispatchingWEBFLEET - Dynamic dispatchingWEBFLEET - Dynamic dispatchingWEBFLEET - Dynamic dispatching

WEBFLEET gives you everything you need to deliver a dynamic order dispatch and handling service – from start to finish. With status, location and ETA information, WEBFLEET enables you to identify the most suitable driver for each job. You can send instruc­tions to their PRO Driver Terminal and remotely receive job status updates.

Key features

Improve your job assignments

You can assign the best placed driver and send information to their PRO Driver Terminal such as address, contact details, special instruc­tions and more.

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Accurate travel time planning

Accurate travel time planning

WEBFLEET provides the most accurate travel times for every hour of the day. The time a journey from A to B takes differs for every moment of the day. You can integrate our IQ Routes technology into your route planning and be sure that your customers can rely on your realisitc and accurate planning.

Reduce your admin time

With order information captured in WEBFLEET reports, you know the number of job completions and the amount of time spent at your customers. This makes the invoicing process more transparent.

Order overview report
Don't let traffic ruin your plan

Don't let traffic ruin your plan

Equip your drivers with TomTom Traffic so they can minimise delays and stay on the most suitable routes. Integrate TomTom Traffic into your planning and scheduling applic­a­tions to dynamically reschedule around jams.

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Webfleet SolutionsWebfleet SolutionsWebfleet SolutionsWebfleet SolutionsWebfleet SolutionsWebfleet Solutions

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