In order to keep our operating expenses as lean as possible, it was essential that we worked with suppliers who took the time to understand our business and our unique needs.

The Company

The Company

Karebo Group provides dynamic professional services and products to the energy sector. The company’s core business focuses on specialised equipment supply, renewable energy solutions and energy efficiency covering the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

The Karebo team has a long-standing and proven track record in the energy market and its in-depth knowledge and experience enables the company to offer innovative and superior solutions to the market.

The group comprises:

The Challenge

The Challenge

A depressed economy had put pressure on capital expenditure related to projects that Karebo specialised in. This, along with rising transport costs meant potential customers were less likely to commit to a project that could experience ballooning costs.

Failure to guarantee that goods and people arrive on time means that other aspects of a project are further delayed in a knock-on effect that results in runaway budgets.

In the past, Karebo outsourced its logistics function. However, over time it came under pressure to demonstrate to current and potential clients that it could maintain the tightest control on project schedules by ensuring that transportation is as efficient as possible.

The Solution

The Solution

Karebo Group’s value proposition is to always deliver within time and budget, with a full customer commitment to consistent delivery on contracts. In 2015, to enable the most efficient turnkey projects and service, Karebo Group began managing its own fleet.

We’ve learnt the benefits of controlling the entire value chain, says Ravi Govender, owner at Karebo Group. However, this meant we needed to employ a system that would empower us to make the best resource allocations and monitor driver behaviour based on precise data – a system that is easy to monitor and flexible enough to respond to sudden changes in project scopes.

In order to keep our operating expenses as lean as possible, it was essential that we worked with suppliers who took the time to understand our business and our unique needs, he says. We chose Webfleet’ Webfleet system after a lengthy evaluation process.

In the three years since Karebo first adopted Webfleet’ Webfleet system, the company has reaped the full benefits of using a comprehensive system.

Webfleet’s features include loading orders, geofencing, tracking and reporting, all of which have helped to optimise routes so that the teams can service more customers and increase productivity. The order dispatch features via navigation devices enable teams to keep to their schedules, while address-visit reports create more efficiency by eliminating unnecessary visits to the same locations.

The onboard navigation system also assists in communicating with teams through a messaging service — teams can message the head office if they need immediate help in making corrections to addresses or if vehicles need maintenance. The head office also has a full view of the location of all of its teams across Africa at any time.

According to Ravi, Webfleet has played a significant role in the overall business, not just in terms of monitoring vehicles, but on bottom line costs as well.

Karebo Group found the perfect fleet management solution with these components1:

Track real-time vehicle location & driving behaviour.
PRO Driver Terminals help your drivers avoid traffic and arrive on time. They also feature job workflow management, working hour regis­tration and much more.

Build the right fleet management solution for you in seconds

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1 It is possible that the device the customer uses has been phased out and has now been replaced by its successor

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