Webfleet EV Charger Monitoring

Monitor your private chargers in one place, without additional hardware

Gain compre­hensive insights into your EV charging routine by connecting your private chargers to Webfleet. Effort­lessly monitor your chargers across multiple sites without the need for additional hardware. Stay on top of charging costs and occupancy to improve operational reliability. Chargers must comply with OCPP 1.6 and be connected to the internet.

Webfleet’s EV Charger Monitoring helps you

Connect all your chargers

View private chargers from multiple business sites with your vehicles

Get real-time status

Know your charger avail­ab­ility and remaining charging time

Track charging behaviour

See all energy expenses and trends charging data on one dashboard

Improve fleet reliability

Know which vehicle is connected to which charger for efficiency

Use existing chargers

Connect any OCPP 1.6 charger directly or via a supported Charger Management System

Key features of Webfleet’s EV Charger Monitoring

Monitor all your private chargers in one place

Stay on top of your vehicle-to-charger connections to ensure your fleet is always charged and ready to go.

  • Real—time updates: See charger avail­ab­ility, occupancy, speed and remaining time
  • Multi-site monitoring: Oversee chargers at multiple locations without extra hardware
  • Easy integration: Requires OCPP 1.6-compliant, inter­net-con­nected chargers
summary of charge status of fleet
performance dashboard

Track charging performance on the dashboard

Get all the key insights needed to improve your operational charging strategy.

  • Dedicated dashboard: Access energy costs, consumption, usage trends and average charging time across multiple sites
  • Compre­hensive overview: Monitor expenses, occupancy and charging trends to find improvement oppor­tun­ities
  • Smart insights: Monitor if vehicles are charged during low energy tariffs, and if your charging infra­structure is well utilised

Match RFID cards with your electric vehicles easily

Configure RFID cards in Webfleet to allow team and visitor charging. Monitor usage and track individual card activity effort­lessly.

rfid cards management

Trusted EV charging partners

What our customers have to say

Riverford has always had sustainability at its heart, and the health of people and planet is a top priority for us. With Webfleet, we’re putting this into action by helping to take the stress out of anticipating charging needs for our drivers.
James Welton, Fleet Manager, Riverford Organic Farmers

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