81% of SMEs say digitization boosts output but many still rely on manual processes

New TomTom Telematics research highlights large number of SMEs frustrated at workflow inefficiency and turning to automation to improve productivity, communication and cost

Boston MA, 14 March 2019
81% of decision makers working for small and medium sized businesses reliant on service vehicles believe they could get more jobs done if they could digitize more of their workflow, according to a new study from TomTom Telematics. Yet, when asked how they handle everyday tasks such as expense management, customer updates and quoting and invoicing, the majority revealed they either manually or somewhat manually do so.

64% of US respondents surveyed indicated they are frustrated by miscommunication and inaccuracy when communicating with teams in the field, and 50% spend between 1 and 5 hours a day communicating schedules to workers in the field.

We spoke to over a thousand companies from across the United States and Europe,’ says Torsten Gruenzig, Director Strategic Business Development North America, TomTom Telematics. ‘Two things came up again and again. First, SMEs are frustrated by the costliness, time ineffectiveness and potential for error experienced when handling essential tasks manually. And two, managers want digital solutions to take care of these jobs.

Respondents also highlighted the effort expended by the business to keep up with regulatory logbook requirements. 84% of those surveyed said they spend between 1-5+ hours a day on legally required logbooks and 31% admit they are still reliant on mainly manual processes for legally required logbook checks.

This highlights another area where business leaders can use automation to cut out inefficiencies, says Gruenzig. 63% of respondents now automate logbook checks, which frees them up focus on value-added business activity such as driving more revenue and serving more customers.

At TomTom Telematics we are heavily invested in the success of SMEs that use cars and vans as part of their business and want to give them the fullest support in adopting powerful digital processes that improve their workflow. Our latest eBook, Digitising the Workflow, offers insight based on this exclusive research to show SMEs how others in their industry are approaching digitisation and automation.

The full report is available free on the TomTom Telematics website.

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