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Fleet sustainability: Italian goods provider Buratti values nature, and Green Your Fleet is one of its sustainability tools

Buratti’s fleet sustainability story

As importers and wholesalers of Italian foods and beverages for the hospitality sector, Buratti offers high-quality products that aren’t sold in supermarkets.

Buratti’s first-class products include wines, mineral water, pasta, coffee, cheese and meats. On a daily basis, Buratti delivers supplies to more than 6,000 restaurants, pizzerias, hotels and commercial kitchens in Italy, Austria and the US. The company, located in Münchendorf, Austria, employs about 30 people and is part of the C.I.C group consisting of 40 companies. Burratti itself has equipped 17 vehicles with Webfleet. 

Seeking an easy way to improve their fleet sustainability, calculate the company‘s C02 emissions in logistics, and even to compensate for them, Buratti joined the Green Your Fleet programme in November 2020. Green Your Fleet is a co-creation of Webfleet and Justdiggit, a global partner of the UN environment programme focusing on landscape restoration in Africa via regreening projects that empower millions of farmers.

Buratti had already been implementing initiatives to conserve resources and reduce its carbon footprint. For example, quality goods exceeding best-before dates are passed on to a social market, instead of being destroyed. Employees drink water from reusable glass bottles, and the company powers its business with electricity generated from renewable energy. By 2024, Buratti will use electrical vehicles only for its passenger car fleet. 

Mission for a green and sustainable fleet

For CEO Fabio Buratti, the programme was a next logical step for the company’s green mission. “We are already thinking about tomorrow,” says Fabio. “We should value nature and stop living so wastefully and recklessly. We have only this planet, and we should make sure it’s a liveable place for future generations.”

Buratti started working with Webfleet in September 2013. The Green Your Fleet programme is a continuation of a mutually rewarding relationship. For Buratti, it’s important to encourage other businesses to participate in sustainability initiatives like Green Your Fleet. “You can do something good with a small effort,” Fabio says. “With this initiative, we can work together to create a liveable today for all—and a liveable tomorrow for all.” 

At the heart of Buratti’s green mission is corporate responsibility. According to Fabio, the destruction and exploitation of living environments should be paid for by the biggest polluters, namely industrialised nations. By joining Green Your Fleet, Buratti will regreen a 640,000 square-metre area of dry land in Tanzania and bring back more than 2,600 trees. 

Joining the Green Your Fleet programme provides Buratti the opportunity to go beyond compensating for what their vehicles emit and boost their fleet sustainability. For Fabio, corporate environmental responsibility is incomplete without the social dimension, noting that local farmers and their communities benefit from cultivating fields which have become fertile again.

Want to run a more sustainable fleet? Start by taking a minute to calculate your annual C02 emissions. 

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