How to improve road safety for transport companies

Europe is one of the safest places in the world to drive with the lowest fatality rate out of all regions.  That does not mean it is without danger, however. In fact, more than 25,000 people lose their lives each year on roads across the continent[1]. That’s enough to make road safety for transport a major concern for operators.

This is where fleet management solutions and telematics can help. A solution like Webfleet and devices like our PRO Driver Terminals can give you the support you need to keep your vehicles safe on the roads.

So how do they do it?

Professional navigation

PRO Driver Terminals from Webfleet offer truck specific routing. This takes into account the height and weight of your trucks and helps you avoid things like small streets, sharp turns, U-turns and low tunnels.

It will also take into account the assumed speed of the truck plus whether it carries any hazardous material. If the driver is feeling fatigued, the devices’ map displays truck points of interest such as suitable parking and rest areas for HGVs.


Remaining driving times

As a fleet manager, you want your drivers to be as productive as possible. You don’t, however, want to risk exhausting them or breaking your regulatory responsibilities. Webfleet provides up-to-date information on your drivers’ remaining driving times and rest periods.

This way, you can see how long each driver has left before dispatching them and manage your compliance easier. It also provides infringement notifications with four levels of severity. So, you can act before a minor infringement becomes a serious one.


Driving behaviour and training

Webfleet lets you see a range of valuable data points from each of your drivers’ trips that give you insight into unsafe habits. With an overview of incidence of speeding, harsh steering and sudden braking, you can focus on where your drivers are taking unnecessary risks and take steps to improve performance.

Meanwhile, the PRO Driver Terminal gives in-vehicle coaching to your driver while they are behind the wheel, with advice on things like coasting and driving events. The PRO Driver Terminal also offers text-to-speech functionality that reads your orders aloud to the driver. That way, you can get vital messages to your team without distracting them from the road.


Want to learn more about the safety features of Webfleet? We’d love to show you what it can do to improve road safety for transport companies.

[1] 2018 road safety statistics: What is behind the figures? – Europa Nu (2019)

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