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Looking ahead to LCV Fleet 2017

Futurologist Dr James Bellini Looks Ahead to LCV Fleet 2017

What’s on the horizon? Let’s explore the world of tomorrow to identify the challenges that await fleet managers of light commercial vehicles. There is much in store for you at Let’s Explore: LCV Fleet 2017.

As we look ahead to the 2020s we are entering an unprecedented age of technological and social disruption that will offer you almost limitless possibilities but also some risks. Some of these disruptions you will already know about, but much will come as a surprise.

As the digital revolution and other major technologies transform the everyday realities of business, your success in the years ahead will be down to how well you harness these transformative innovations to drive your strategies.

Competitive edge in the fleet management sector will come, of course, from sharpening the deployment of your fleet assets to optimise efficiencies and deliver a first-class customer experience. But there is more. This emerging disruptive age will also change business models, working practices, employee engagement, partner relationships, brand management and other key components of the future managerial challenge.

So – some crunch questions: Which disruptive innovation – lurking over the horizon — would likely keep you awake at night – would it be some kind of Uber-like development in fleet management options?  How will driverless vehicles impact on your business? Is this prospect just overblown hype or a real future game-changer? What is your score card when it comes to ‘digital maturity’ – are you a Beginner, a Fashionista, or part of the small, high-profit cohort of Digerati?

How can you innovate over the next five to ten years to stay ahead of the curve against your rivals? What is top of your innovation wish-list when it comes to building a better business? And will changing social realities – people’s attitudes and expectations as consumers — play a role in changing the rules in your marketplace?

I look forward to sharing with you my vision of the shape of things to come as the era of disruption takes hold. And helping you on your journey into the world of the 2020s – and perhaps beyond. One thing is certain: it will be a journey you’ve never had to make before. Let’s explore!

See you on July 4.

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