Spring Webinar Series: Learn how to get the fullest value from your Webfleet

While COVID-19 has impacted different businesses in different ways, many fleet managers have seen restrictions on mobility disrupt their operations.

At Webfleet, we want to help our customers use any extra time that’s been created as valuably as possible. That’s why we’re launching the Spring Webinar Series.

Each week from now until the end of June, we’ll be hosting a new webinar. Each one will focus on a different aspect of the Webfleet fleet management solution, showing you how to use it’s features as effectively as possible.

From quick overviews on the essentials to deep dives into more complicated functionalities, this series will offer something for everybody looking to maximise the power of their Webfleet solution and bring the most benefit possible to their business.

Here’s the full schedule:


6 May: Vehicle and driver

Webfleet helps you manage, view and dispatch drivers and vehicles more effectively. This webinar shows you all the ways it can do so.


13 May: Trips

The more visibility you have on trips, the more efficient you can make your business performance. Learn about viewing, editing and reporting on trips here.


20 May: Areas

A deep dive into the Areas features of Webfleet.


27 May: Orders and Order Optimisation

Webfleet helps you stay on top of your orders. This webinar takes you through the whole process, from creating and assigning to reporting, before showing you how the Order Optimisation functionality takes all of this to the next level.


3 June: OptiDrive 360

OptiDrive 360 is our complete approach to help drivers adapt a more responsible, cost effective driving style. Find out exactly how to make it work for your company.


10 June: Reporting

From dashboard management to creating, scheduling and assigning reports, this webinar shows you how to get a clearer view of your operation through Webfleet.


17 June: Tacho services

How can you use Webfleet to minimise the hassle of staying compliant with regulation? Find out in this webinar.


Want to attend one of these webinars? Just send us an email at uk.business@webfleet.com and we’ll be in touch soon with the details.

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