The big debate – van regulation 2015

The call for more regulation for UK van fleets continues to hit the headlines, but opinions remain sharply divided across the industry. Those who support the move highlight the potentially serious implications of a do-it-yourself approach to van safety while others remain resolutely sceptical about the need to burden companies with yet more legislative hoops to jump thorough.

We asked three leading figures in the fleet industry for their thoughts on the key issues.

Do you think van drivers deserve more recognition for their professionalism?

Mark Cartwright, Head of Vans and LCVs at the Freight Transport Association commends van drivers as the ‘unsung heroes of UK plc’ while Alison Moriarty, Fleet risk and compliance manager at Skanska thinks more recognition of them as professional, qualified drivers is key.

Is it right that vans aren’t regulated in the same way as vehicles above 3.5 tonnes?

Fleet and logistics journalist Sharon Clancy argues that while many professional companies manage their van fleets with the same care and diligence as their HGV fleets, a similar number also run them into the ground with no safety checks.

Is there any appetite for greater van regulation in government?

Alison from Skanska rates the optional Van Excellence scheme as a laudable alternative while Mark at the Freight Transport Association thinks the government is more interested in deregulation.

Does the van industry have what it takes to self-regulate?

Mark claims the appetite for responsible self regulation is strong while Sharon argues the sheer variety of companies using vans makes self regulation a non-starter.

What are your thoughts? Should there be more regulation for vans? Join the debate by adding a comment below.

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