The BP FleetMove partnership

Telematics and fuel management for cars, vans and trucks for optimal cost control

Webfleet Solutions and BP Fuelcard Services have teamed up to offer an enhanced driver and vehicle fuel management solution. It's designed to improve efficiency and save time and fuel.

BP FleetMove combines BP fuel card trans­ac­tions with vehicle and driver behaviour data via the WEBFLEET Telematics Service Platform. The easy-to-use interfaces help you control the cost of running your fleet.

BP FleetMove

Secure fuelling, vehicle tracking, driver behaviour and fuel site advice

BP FleetMove is built for operational fleets. It helps improve your fuel management, adding fuel card trans­ac­tions and exception reports to your fleet performance data. The fuel site advice app informs drivers where to refuel en-route, while real time driver coaching helps improve driving behaviour.

BP Fuel Card

BP Fuelcard

Save time and money on your fuel

BP Fuel Card


Vehicle location and fuel card data in one place for easy management