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Connect Webfleet with a PRO navigation and fleet management device to get all the information you need about your jobs and drivers. Seamlessly communicate with your team on the road to better manage workflow and ensure they deliver on time.

Webfleet workflow optim­isation helps you

Set best-in-class ETAs

Optimise driving times and complete more tasks

Stay connected with your drivers and adapt to the unexpected

Reduce stress for drivers

Integrate with other business applic­a­tions to get the ideal workflow management system

Spend less time on admin­is­tration

Key features

Make your driver’s job easier

The PRO 8475 TRUCK Driver Terminal offers truck­-spe­cific navigation, dedicated truck points of interest and TomTom Traffic for optimal routes and ETAs. It also support working time regis­tration, digitised order management and driving behaviour advice.

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Best-in-class ETAs

Webfleet helps you set more accurate ETAs based on TomTom’s award-winning traffic information. The net result of precise ETAs? Your trucks arrive on schedule, you can plan more confidently and you get more jobs done.

Profes­sional truck navigation

Truck navigation favours main roads over small ones and avoids sharp turns. Using truck­-spe­cific speed assumption, it takes access restric­tions like height, width, length and hazardous material load into consid­er­ation. All of that helps you consist­ently meet your ETAs.

Learn more about profes­sional navigation and traffic
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Seamless commu­nic­ation

Simplify your order workflow and save time by sending jobs and order instruc­tions straight from your office to your driver’s PRO Driver Terminal. The terminal reads the message aloud to avoid distracting the driver. You stay connected with your driver, so you can react dynamically to unexpected events.

Optimise time on the road

Remaining Driving Distance shows you which locations are reachable in a set period based on road conditions and the remaining driving time of your drivers. This stops you setting unrealistic tasks and helps keep you within your time budget.

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order optimisation

Easier order scheduling

Webfleet optimises your sequence of visits in one click based on route planning, vehicle profile, customer time windows and traffic. This helps you reduce time spent on the road, plan better and improve on-site services.

Business operation at-a-glance

Webfleet constantly provides data to help you improve your business processes. With accurate information on time spent on location, order status, trip information, working times and driver performance, amongst many other facts and figures, you can clearly judge what areas of your operation need to be developed.

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Custom­isable Driver Terminal

Using the PRO 8 Driver Terminal, you can customise workflow management further. This device handles activities like vehicle checks, delivery data capture via barcode scanning and rear-view camera support in combination with 3rd party applic­a­tions.

Integrate with other applic­a­tions

You can easily integrate other business applic­a­tions with Webfleet to get exactly the solution you need. For example, synchronise with CRM and billing systems to get a more complete view of essential data and reduce admin­is­tration.

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Why companies are digitizing their workflow

ttt workflow management 2019

Learn more about how automation and digit­isation are improving the workflow of companies like yours.

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Return on investment in 6 to 9 months on average

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