Vehicle management

Monitor your trucks and trailers in one place

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Webfleet's vehicle management solution lets you see your trucks and trailers’ position and usage in real-time. You get instant alerts on your vehicle’s health, including maintenance service due, AdBlue level low and diagnostic system incidents. All the information you need to optimise your fleet’s downtime is at your fingertips.

Webfleet vehicle management helps you

Always know where your goods and vehicles are

Minimise your fleet’s downtime

Monitor your truck fleet and trailers in one place

React faster to vehicle malfunc­tions with instant alerts

Schedule maintenance tasks effectively

Identify where costs can be cut

Key features of vehicle management

Real-time vehicle tracking

Webfleet’s detailed map shows exactly where your trucks and trailers are. Take advantage of simple vehicle management by viewing the status of your entire fleet all in one place.

Learn how vehicle tracking works
vehicle tracking left hand traffic
vehicle tracing

Valuable track and trace information

Webfleet keeps the tracking information from your previous trips for up to 90 days. You can check it to see patterns, identify anomalies and improve your operation.

Geofence alerts

Get alerts instantly when a vehicle or trailer enters or leaves a previously designated area or nominated geo-zone.

alerts areas

Effective maintenance scheduling

The service require­ments of each vehicle are displayed clearly, so you stay up-to-date on your fleet’s condition. Schedule fleet maintenance tasks efficiently, reducing downtime and the cost of unexpected breakdowns.


Webfleet Asset Tracking shows you your trailers’ positions and usage. You get notified when a trailer's status changes and can access location, trip and maintenance reports.

Learn more about Webfleet Asset Tracking
trailer tracking
fms features

FMS-based features

Connect Webfleet to your truck’s FMS or CAN bus1 to get advanced vehicle data like fuel usage, AdBlue level, engine hours, PTO (Power Take-Off) status, cruise control engagement and more. This vehicle management data helps you improve your drivers' performance and lower your total cost of ownership.

Find out how to connect Webfleet to your truck
transport security

How secure and safe are your trucks on the road?

transport security

This free research gives you insight on how to improve driver safety, keep vehicles in top condition and protect cargo from crime.

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Driver management

Driver management
Driver management
  • Driver identi­fic­ation, working hours and performance support, improved driving styles and increased safety.

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  • A full suite of tools to help you stay compliant with tachograph and drivers' hours regulation.

Truck fuel efficiency

Truck fuel efficiency
  • Real-time fuel monitoring and visibility over driving behaviour to cut costs and reduce carbon emissions.

Workflow optim­isation

Workflow optim­isation
  • Seamlessly communicate with your team on the road to better manage workflow and ensure you deliver on time.

Return on investment in 6 to 9 months on average

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1 CAN (Controller Area Network) is the most important bus system in a vehicle, acting as a central networking system. FMS (Fleet Management System Interface) is a stand­ardised interface that enables access to vehicle data.

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