TomTom Telematics is now Webfleet Solutions.

Fleet management for every size of company

Webfleet Solutions is now a Bridgestone company

Fleet management for every size of company

Webfleet Solutions is now a Bridgestone company

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Webfleet Solutions is one of the world’s leading telematics solution providers, dedicated to fleet management, vehicle telematics and connected car services.

Its award-winning fleet management solution WEBFLEET is used by businesses of all sizes to improve vehicle performance, save fuel, support drivers and increase overall fleet efficiency.

In addition, Webfleet Solutions provides services for the insurance, rental and leasing industries, car importers and companies that address the needs of businesses as well as consumers.

Key benefits of fleet management

Know where your vehicles are 24/7

Through real-time track & trace

Save up to 20% on fuel & maintenance costs

By monitoring & analysing driving behaviour

Easy integration with existing software & hardware

For optimisation across your whole business process

Cut driving time & optimise drop routes

Using professional navigation with live traffic info

Improve service levels

Through dynamic dispatching & easy driver communication

Easily comply with regulatory guidelines

Through mileage & working time registration and tachograph info download

How does fleet management work?

WEBFLEET is an online platform connecting you and your vehicles. Its functionality can be expanded by adding various in-vehicle telematics devices and/or Driver Terminals.

WEBFLEET provides real-time location of vehicles, lets you communicate directly with your drivers, helps improving driving behavior and drop routes, saving fuel & time.


Cloud software WEBFLEET on any device

Dashboard, maps, reporting and integration with 3rd party software

link 510

LINK vehicle tracking device

Installed inside your vehicles


Optional: Driver Terminal

On dashboard of vehicles – with or without navigation system

50,000 businesses save with WEBFLEET

case kbc
50% more trips per day and eliminated congestion charges.
David Ashford, KBC Logistics
case isg technology
Improved service delivery.
Evgeniya Vukova, ISG technology
case crosswater
20% savings on MPG.
Brett Westbrook, Crosswater Holdings Limited

Start saving

Return on investment in 6 to 9 months on average

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