PRO 2020

Extend to your entire fleet for greener, safer and more efficient drivers.

Optimized for

Can connect to LINK 740.

  • Extend to all of your fleet with this compact but powerful Driver Terminal
  • RFID Driver Identi­fic­ation (with buzzer)
  • Log working time of any employee: clock in and out, and log breaks in vehicle
  • Log trips as business/private/commute status
  • Continuous OptiDrive 360 driving style feedback
  • Optional: LINK 105 for fuel consumption data, reporting and feedback
  • Use in conjunction with Webfleet via LINK 530



Driver ID

Always know who is driving your vehicle and attribute driving behavior, trip regis­tration, and also work time of anyone presenting an RFID card.*

Mileage Log

Capture Trip status – Business, Private, and Commuting.

Working times

Log and check work times of anyone presenting an RFID card on the device – Start, Break, Finish.

OptiDrive 360**

Give your drivers the tools to continu­ously improve their driving through feedback and coaching.

Driving mode & feedback

Shows a summary of trip related information, for instant driver feedback and higher engagement.

Technical specific­a­tions

Dimensions4.57 inch x 2.80 inch x 0.67 inch
Screen SizeDevice including cable, 4.76 oz
WeightDevice including cable: 135g
Supply voltage12 V / 24 V (min 9 V to max 30 V)
TemperatureOperation: -4 °F to +158 °F
Protection classIP 20


Dashboard mount for PRO 2020

Webfleet Dashboard Mount

(is not included in the box)

Any install­ation mount compatible with the AMPS industry standard can be connected to the PRO 2020 adapter.

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* HF RFID 13.56MHz (ISO 14443A compliant)
(supports protocols compliant to ISO 14443A, such as MIFARE Ultralight, MIFARE Classic, MIFARE SmartMX, MIFARE DESFire, MIFARE Plus, etc.)

** Driver Feedback on Driving Events (braking/steering), Idling, and with the LINK 105 Gear Shift and Fuel Consumption.