Corporate social respons­ib­ility

Make a difference - green the fleet industry

Corporate social respons­ib­ility

Make a difference - green the fleet industry

Want to make a positive impact with your fleet's sustain­ab­ility mission? Reduce your C02, improve employee well-being and electrify your fleet with the help of Webfleet, Europe's leading fleet management solution.

What's important in fleet corporate social respons­ib­ility?

Measurable impact

Proving that your organ­isation is achieving progress on envir­on­mental respons­ib­ility and employee well-being can be challenging. You have to measure progress with the right set of benchmarks and back it up with reliable reporting. Webfleet supports your ability to measure progress towards your goals with clear visibility and in-depth reporting.

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Safety and well-being

Employee safety and well-being are at the heart of corporate social respons­ib­ility for fleets. People want to work for ethical organ­isa­tions, while fleets depend on their teams to achieve sustain­ab­ility goals. Digitise your document­ation with Webfleet and make admin work easier for you and your drivers. Help safeguard your fleet with in-cab distracted driving alerts powered by Webfleet Video.

Lower carbon emissions

To reduce your fleet's C02, you need to know which actions will net the best results. View insightful data on your fleet's fuel consumption and emissions output in Webfleet, and see where you can take action. Meanwhile, green and safe driving features include tools that help you spot driving behaviour that impacts fuel efficiency.

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Sustainable energy practices

Sustainable energy is an important part of a fleet's corporate social respons­ib­ility. Whether you're already adding electric vehicles (EVs) to your fleet or just considering solutions like alternative fuels and hybrids, you're constantly rethinking your organ­isation's energy consumption. Demonstrate your commitment to sustain­ab­ility by monitoring fuel use and emissions with OptiDrive 360. Webfleet's fleet electri­fic­ation report can help maximise your oppor­tun­ities to go electric.

How can we help your fleet's corporate social respons­ib­ility?

Stay on top of energy consumption and charging

Reduce C02 output and make good on your company's green promises

Continue developing a safe, healthy workplace culture

Leverage data to make smarter business decisions

Help you to better decide whether to go electric with your fleet

Lower your fleet's operational costs and waste

Check out our corporate social respons­ib­ility features in more detail

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How are fleets like yours benefiting from electri­fic­ation?

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