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The Fleet Greenroom: Are you keener to be greener? Road to Net Zero

Discover what 300 UK fleet operators really think about the UK government’s road to net zero strategy. We explore some of the key findings from the Webfleet “State of Nation” Report.

Are high energy prices affecting EV demand?

Wind Farm

The UK government’s Net Zero strategy is in full effect with the shift to zero-emission vehicles leading the charge. Drawing ever closer to the 2030 target, the sale of new fossil-fuelled cars and vans will end in just 8 years. But with spiralling energy prices, is imminent electrification now a feasible option? Research from Bridgestone and Webfleet has revealed some interesting findings. More than half of van and HGV fleet operators (53 per cent) expect high energy prices to dampen EV demand.

However, despite soaring energy costs, businesses with EV fleets can expect to see lower operating and maintenance bills. They can also reap the benefits of tax incentives, grant subsidies and charging exemptions. Ultimately, proving to be the more long-term cost-effective option.

Introducing a Telematics solution like Webfleet can further help when planning to implement electric vehicles into your fleet. Tools such as Webfleet’s Fleet Electrification Report will help them establish the typical mileage and commutes currently undertaken by drivers. Drawing upon data from existing vehicles, maximum daily mileage insights can identify internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles that could be readily replaced with EV alternatives.

Are HGV fleets looking to invest in alternative fuel vehicles?

overhead catenaries

Rapid development in battery technology has seen battery life and durability increase. However, battery electric technology has previously been reserved for light commercial vehicles and passenger cars. Interestingly, research into this topic found that 43 per cent of HGV operators plan to invest in alternative fuel vehicles over the next 12 months.

Introductions into new charging innovations have brought a new sense of practicality to running electric HGVs. An example of this is the e-highway concept. Where overhead catenaries supply battery-electric trucks with electricity via a pantograph. Consequently, increasing the distance e-HGVs can travel. Developments like this and Hydrogen technology could be the reason fleet managers are more confident to make the switch.

In the HGV sector, the alternative fuel race is a tale of two horses – Battery Electric versus Hydrogen. But who will win? Read the latest prediction in our Tech in 10 series where we take a glimpse into the future of transport technology.

Is there a reputational benefit to having an EV Fleet?

Man charging electric vehicle

Benefits identified when transitioning to an EV include cutting fleet costs and reducing emissions. However, the reputational benefit derived from being a sustainable business is often overlooked. Research shows that half (57 per cent) acknowledge that the reputational benefits of having a sustainable fleet would lead to increased business for their company. Therefore, this reinforces that staying ahead of the curve is the best way to stand out in a highly competitive market.

Download the ‘Are you keener to be greener’ research report now

Keener to be greener whitepaper

Find out what fleet decision-makers really think about the Road to Zero! Our latest “State of Nation report” provides key insights around decarbonisation from over 300 fleet operators across the UK. Download now to discover more! 

The Fleet Greenroom series

Looking for more green content? Discover the latest insights into sustainability and decarbonisation by visiting The Fleet Greenroom.

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